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Nov 16, 2011 04:05 AM

Sour Cream Apple Walnut Pie

Does anyone know a bakery/pie shop in Westchester that makes Sour Cream Apple Walnut Pie that is just as good as the one from The Little Pie Company in NYC?

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  1. I used to buy an apple or peach pie slice once in a while from The Little Pie Company in Grand Central, now closed. The quality wasn't as good as Riviera's in Ardsley and the price was way higher (for a pretty small piece). My visits to Riviera haven't been as frequent since they raised their prices (twice). I don't like walnuts or sour cream in a pie, but they will likely accept a request in advance to prepare one (or something similar) if it's not in stock.

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      If you can't find it anywhere, this is a super easy pie to make--especially if you use a premade crust. The original Silver Palate cookbook has the Little Pie Company recipe.

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        Are you saying that Riviera makes a sour cream apple pie? I don't care for walnuts in pies either but in the case of LPC they were in the crumbs and were great. And I loved how the apples were paper thin but crisp When i saw the title of this thread, I immediately thought of the same question that was posted.

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          I just looked at the online menu that says Thanksgiving but I think is also late fall through winter: http://www.thewhimsicalbakehouse.com/...

          Sour cream apple isn't on the list, probably never was but whenever I've been to a bakery and asked about a pie variation that wasn't too far out they said it could be ready with a day or two's notice.

          Judging from your example it appears the walnuts act as "buffer" ingredients that aren't always desirable but protect others in the mix allowing them to cook better.

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            If it's not on their normal list then the odds of them making something similar to Little Pie Company's version are extremely slim. Did you ever try the sour cream apple pie from LPC? It had large crumbs on top that had the walnuts mixed in. You claim to had their apple pie but then you're trying to figure out about the walnuts. If you had tried it, you woul;d not need to be thinking about where they are.

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              Riviera has old fashioned apple, the only kind I buy, and apple crumb. LPC often was out of the regular apple (not sure if it ever contained sour cream) and tried to sell me the walnut version which I refused.

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                Bad move (not trying it) on your part, since it is phenomenal.

      2. I don't think you'll find a pie as good as that one from LPC.

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          Agreed and I can't believe this thread was taken over by someone who claimed that a local bake shop's plain apple pie was better and finally acknowledged that he ha never tried the sour cream apple pie at LPC.

        2. does anyone remember "country epicure ". they used to make a great sourcream , walnut, apple pie. they were taken over by au bon pain, and eventually disappeared completely.their entire dessert lineup was excellent