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Nov 15, 2011 11:22 PM

Singapore crab

I did a search but surprisingly could not find a chilli crab/pepper crab thread. I am visiting Singapore this weekend and want to see what is new. I went to Jumbo and Red House last time I was in Singapore in March and I have been to the No Signboard in Hong Kong. I thought Jumbo was ok, but Red House at Robertson Quay was very good (especially the White Pepper crab). (we had 3 crab meals in 3 days that trip) No Signboard in Hong Kong was very expensive and was just ok.

Generally I prefer pepper crab as I find the chilli crab to be a little sweet for my taste. Any other recommendations for me to try?

Also, is there any material difference between all the branches of Jumbo? We went to two different branches last time and the food was very inconsistent.

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  1. Yes, you are right, the seafood restaurants like Jumbo, No Sign Board have been inconsistent ever since the day they expanded their chains for commercial gains. Even Palm Beach, which has been consistent since they only have one branch, seemed to have a slip in its quality on my last visit. But that will still be my choice for Chilli Crab.

    You may want to try Black Pepper Crab at Eng Seng. Or Crab Bee Hoon at Sin Huat.

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      Late report but we ended up trying Palm Beach and I must have been lucky as it was excellent! Much better than Jumbo.

      1. re: ckcrunch

        Did you order the black pepper crab at Palm Beach? They do that quite well, although for white pepper crab, you should try Long Beach.

        The best black pepper crab in Singapore is at Eng Seng as FourSeasons said, but you have to book way ahead and still have to stand around and wait your turn when you get to the restaurant. The non-aircon environment can be quite taxing for some people, me included!

        1. re: M_Gomez

          We actually did have the black pepper crab at Palm Beach. It was very very good, just the right amount of butter without being too heavy, with a nice pepper kick. The crab itself was fresh as well.

          We did want to try Eng Seng, but we had very little time and could not make it out there. Will definitely try that next time (with all the Jetstar/Tiger Airways deals from HK to Singapore, its only a matter of time).

          Now, if only there's a good crab place in Hong Kong. Hong Kong crab places seem to be either horrible or insanely expensive.