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breakfast in malibu?

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is there anywhere really yummy for breakfast in malibu?

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    1. re: SCMike

      If you want a casual old time coffee shop, don't miss:

      Coogies Beach Cafe
      23755 Malibu Road Suite 100, Malibu, CA 90265
      (310) 317-1444

    2. Go to Marmalade Cafe in the Malibu Country Mart. They have a hearty menu of breakfast and brunch options.

      3894 Cross Creek Rd
      Malibu, CA

      Link: http://www.marmaladecafe.com/dxevo/in...

      1. If you're into REALLY casual, then I suggest Malibu Country Cafe/Inn/Mart/Kitchen (can't remember the name exactly right now..brain fried). i've had really great (but very cas) eggs and great H&H bagels. We usually go after working out. It's also in the mart

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          Never Misses A Meal!

          We switch between Coogies and Marmalade.

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            Never Misses A Meal!

            We switch between Coogies and Marmalade.

            1. Try Bob Morris' Beach Cafe at Paradise Cove, the Seafood Omlett is really good and so is the atmosphere. See website attached.

              Link: http://www.paradisecovemalibu.com/bea...

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              1. re: malibumike

                Does anyone have any updates on this topic for us? I'd like to go for breakfast on Saturday, on the early side, 9am, we've love an ocean view but not Bob Morris' place. Other people have recommened Dukes but from their website it looks like they just serve sunday brunch. I hate it when restaurant websites don't have operating hours on their sites.

                1. re: Muhlyssa

                  Strangely enough one of the better breakfast places, (and the only good meal they serve) with a really nice ocean view can be found at Gladstone's (PCH @ Sunset). They open at 8 a.m., and while their prices are a couple of dollars more for what they serve it's really pretty good. You should be fine at 9 a.m. but maybe call them and see about reserving a table outside (it ought to be a beautiful morning on the beach given what the weather is looking like right now).

                  The only other suggestion I have for you is Back on the Beach which is on Santa Monica beach just barely south of Santa Monica Canyon. You can sit outside and actually eat with your toes in the sand.

                  1. re: tony michaels

                    One addendum to the point about Gladstone's breakfast prices being pretty reasonable for the setting and the food -- except for their steak and eggs which is $24.95, (or something like that). Their steak may be worth it, but just wanted to acknowledge that this one dish climbs into Pacific Dining Car price territory.

                    1. re: tony michaels

                      Thanks Tony. I was thinking they served breakfast there but I wasn't absolutely sure. 8am is actually better for us anyway. I hesitate to go there because I've had pretty bad meals there at dinner time, but you can't beat the view. The price point is fine, we were at PDC last weekend. I just heard on the surf report that there is no june gloom right now, so while it might be chilly, it should be sunny tomorrow. Thanks again.

                      1. re: Muhlyssa

                        I think it's going to be hot this weekend, (we are only a couple of miles from the beach) so 8 a.m. may just be the perfect time to be there. And since you had no problem with PDC prices Gladstone's will be a cinch for you. I look forward to your report, whatever the outcome.

                  2. re: Muhlyssa

                    Where did you end up going and how you would you rate your experience??!?!

                    1. re: tuckychica

                      I did notice that Muhlyssa had a recent post about weekend brunch in Sherman Oaks at Rive Gauche on Ventura Blvd., so that may have taken the place of their planned beach front excursion.

                      1. re: tony michaels

                        Hey Tony- we still havent made it out there. With this May Gray in the a.m. I'm not sure we will anytime soon.

                        1. re: Muhlyssa

                          Probably a good plan to wait until July or so. Thanks for the update on the "right" thread.

                      2. re: tuckychica

                        An accident on the 101 and another on the 405 thwarted our attempt to go there. May try to go this weekend, will update the thread when I do go. Rive Gauche was not the replacement, that was a different day. :-)

                  3. My favorite is Lilly's cafe at Point Dume Plaza. I love their breakfast burritos and their hot sauce is amazing. I can't figure it out, but I think they must roast the chiles first.

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