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Nov 15, 2011 08:14 PM

41 Degrees Current Tasting Menu

I have picked around and cannot find any info on whether the current menu at 41 Degrees is friendly to pescatarians. I know they are not accommodating vegetarians, but how much of the menu is meat focused.

Appreciate any reply. Thanks.

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  1. I found this review on tripadvisor. A foodie posted what he/she had on flickr but not all of them have descriptions. It's post #17.

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    1. re: lokbc

      Yeah, I am a member over there and saw the same thing and it appears ok, but no descripts then saw the dates and thought the dates on the flickr pics were from April, but just realized my error on that. Also not all the courses are photoed.

      I`ll pick up on that thread, but anyone else here have an answer?

      1. re: cherrybomb99x

        My confirmation said "the menu is not for vegetarians or anyone who does not eat fish". Obviously it doensn't mean no meat, but it seems it is more seafood focuses.

        I am going in 2 weeks! so excited!

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