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Nov 15, 2011 08:10 PM

can your palette change in a year or did i just buy some crappy food?

last year i was smitten with the following: Red Cow Reggiano, Winter Blend coffee from Trader Joes and Rabbit Ridge allure de robles wine from Trader Joes as well.

This year I bought all 3 and it tastes terrible to me. The Red Cow tastes like i sprinkled straight up mold onto my pasta. The wine tastes like kool aid and the coffee tastes like someone dropped a chewed up piece of spearmint chewing gum into my coffee.

What the heck? I understand wine can differ from year to year and from barrel to barrel. I suppose the same could it be said for cheese. But really all 3 tastes terrible. did my palette change or is food quality just crappier these days? ok, the wine is a cheapo so that one is borderline obvious why it tastes like crap.

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  1. Have you started taking any medications or have you undergone any medical treatment?
    I doubt your palate would change that much over a year.

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    1. re: Tripeler

      no medications however, i did recently stop breast feeding which means hormonal changes and the last of my "gestational" hormones are now gone. but don't people wax poetic re: red cow reggiano? i always loved it before i became pregnant. the wine i can understand. i'm recently fell in love with malbecs which are really dry so perhaps theres why the rhone style wine tastes too sweet to me.

    2. Maybe it's your vision that's changed if you're not seeing colors the same. (Palette)

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      1. re: pdxgastro

        haha! thanks for the correction. i was exhausted and depressed that my food tasted like crap last night!

      2. What kind of oils are you using?

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        1. re: beevod

          what do you mean? cooking oils?

        2. I think women's cravings do change along with hormones.
          When I was pregnant I couldn't stand the way cantaloupe smelled and had to run away if one was near. A pile of fresh cantaloupes in a produce department sent me racing outside for air. Today, twenty-plus years later, that one odor still makes me a little bit queazy.
          I don't typically crave sweets and can have them around me without being tempted, then at a particular time of the month I get desperate for a candy bar.
          Alcohol is more of a summertime indulgence for me for some reason.

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          1. re: Sensuous

            Yes, those darn hormones are a royal PITA!
            I just went through menopause. During my bad days, I couldn't stand the smell of garlic, which is something we use in copious amounts in most of our dishes. This is unheard of; I felt like a panda who suddenly couldn't stand bamboo.

            Also consider that dairy products and coffee are like wine; subject to batch differences, age, and environment/storage factors. I usually buy TJ's Grano Parmegianno, and every so often, I get a much drier block than usual. The same for coffee; once in a while, I'll get a bag that just doesn't cut it.

            Anyway, try another batch/bottle/block of the three things you listed, making sure that you check the expiration dates, and even a different TJ's. Or you might "take a break" from these particular items, then try them again. And if your tastes have changed...well, onward and upward! There're LOTS of other wine/cheese/types of coffee you can try!