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Nov 15, 2011 07:48 PM

Singapore Vegetarian in Center City, Philadelphia

FYI - Singapore Vegetarian in Philadelphia on 1006 Race Street (in Chinatown) is now under the Orthodox supervision of Rabbi Zev Schwarcz (IKC Kosher). Haven't eaten there yet but will report back when I do.

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  1. The diff. between the rabbinical Assembly and Zev schwartz is negligible----I haven't been there in years but I am sure they will raise their prices!!!!

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    1. re: joebenjamin

      For the many people who will only eat at a restaurant with an Orthodox hechsher, it is not negligible at all. It is known that the different denominations have different standards of Kashrut so for someone who has Orthodox standards, it may make the difference as to whether they will eat there or not.

      Furthermore, I don't know how you can be so sure that they will raise their prices. Rabbi Schwarcz has certified six other establishments in Center City, and none of them have raised prices as a result. I highly doubt Singapore will be the first one to do so.

      1. re: kosherfoodfan

        For one thing it presumably means that a shomer shabbos comes to light their fires.

        1. re: kosherfoodfan

          Joe is referring to the Conservative RA..A lot of those Vegan Restaurant in Philly were under a local Conservative Rabbi's supervision.

          1. re: vallevin

            Um, yes, KFF clearly knew that. Hence explaining that the change is actually a big deal. (Not a lot, actually, just two or three.)

      2. Kosher supervision politics aside, it is an excellent restaurant. I miss their location in Cherry Hill. Their soups are amazing. They get the spice just right. Their sizzling beef platter is also a great dish. Definitely recommend.

        1. Can anyone compare quality of Singapore to Su Xing House (which has been IKC for awhile)?