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Nov 15, 2011 07:41 PM

In your experience, how long will vacuum packed fish keep in the refrigerator?

Curious as to your own experiences, not what the government or some bureaucrat says, or even what the package states.

And does it make a difference if the fish had been previously frozen before being vacuum sealed and packed?


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  1. From fresh to quick vacuum packed hard frozen, 30% deduct. From thawing vacuum packed to fridge, 10% deduct every 12 hours. You know how to interpolate and extrapolate, Ipse. From Friday rush hour where you work, until Sunday football kick-off when you relax, it becomes cat food..:)

    1. I concur with Veggo, except that I wouldn't feed past due fish to my cats no matter how much they beg me.

      1. If its very fresh when you cryovac'd it, and its kept very cold, I'd say a week to maybe 10 days.