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Nov 15, 2011 06:43 PM

Need a new post for Palm Springs HELP!

Have being reading through the posts and nothing seems current??? We arein need of somewhere with great food/wine andeven better service to celebrate a 50th b-day. Please any suggestions appreciated. We are a well travelled group having eaten in some of the best place in the pressure.

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  1. I like this post from Feb 2011 there's Part 1-3, Part 2 & 3 gotta click on the very bottom of post Calif Board Discussion:

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    1. re: hhc

      hey, great many thanks, looks like a great post. Will also keep looking here until we go and report back on our return.
      Thanks again.

      1. re: TO Arch

        Many of us who go to this area usually come back with suggestions where not to go. You will need to set your expectations a lot lower is my guess and just have fun .....somewhere. If your group is "well-traveled", why did you pick this generally well-known culinary wasteland for a celebration in the first place would be my question. From my own recent visits I am surmising this area is a meat and potatoes sort of town, many dine early for the senior specials, the large number of "country club" (golf course) dining rooms probably fill most of the special occasion dining which again is more meat and potatoes food than refined dining and there is a large permanent working class population who has neither time, money or inclination to spend it on cultivated restaurants. When an area caters primarily to transient, retirement age people, it changes in fundamental ways and accommodating senior dining habits and expectations is one of them.

        1. re: glbtrtr

          Wanted to check out the modern architecture and the desert........

          1. re: TO Arch

            Gated communities and faux Spanish is more the architectural standard in Palm Springs area, though there are some mid-century classics still around -take a look at Desert Hot Springs area. I believe there is a higher end resort out there with a dining room that used to be a movie star retreat favorite.