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Nov 15, 2011 05:36 PM

Kosher heritage turkeys in the NC Triangle area?

Any ideas where I could find a kosher heritage turkey in the NC Triangle area?


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  1. We don't have anything resembling that in this area. Short of shechting the bird yourself, if you want kosher we have Empire. You might want to ask on the Kosher board for who mail orders kosher heritage birds.

    1. I raised 15 heritage turkeys this year. We cooked one up the other day and it turned out great. They were slaughtered in a Halal facility in Siler City. Obviously, Halal and Kosher are not the same thing. I thought I would mention it in case you were more concerned with local and heritage than kosher.

      1. Probably not quite what you're looking for, but Trader Joe's has kosher turkeys if you can't find anything else. I believe they are organic, but I'm not sure.

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          When I was at the Cane Creek meat sale last week, I saw that they had several turkeys. I imagine they're heritage breed, knowing Cane Creek. They were blissfully ignorant that Thanksgiving was coming soon.

        2. I'm still looking for a kosher heritage bird in 2014. Would love an update if anyone has advice on a source.

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            There is not a local kosher butcher in this area, so there is not a source for any locally raised kosher meat. Your only option for something like this would be mail order. See #5 in this list:


          2. Whole Foods chains carry organic kosher turkeys and chickens. I can't remember if I saw it in a Triangle whole foods, or only up north, but they may be able to order for you. Here is the brand, it is fabulous and way better than Empire.