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Nov 15, 2011 05:11 PM

Pasta Fresca in Trastevere

we will be staying near Viale Trastevere and San Francesco a Ripa and are looking for fresh pasta, good bread and a good dli. Any suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks

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  1. Check out Antica Caciara Tasteverina for great pane lariano, pecorino and other things. very nice people.

    farther out of your area, but the pane genzano at Renella is very good too.

    ps these are both the hard crusted country breads - they keep very well at room temp (turn cut side down) and warm up beautifully.

    Antica Caciara Trasteverina
    Via San Francesco a Ripa 140, Rome, Lazio , IT

    La Renella aka Arnese
    Via del Moro, 15, Rome, Lazio , IT

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    1. re: jen kalb

      I am all about Antica Caciara. Not the same for Renella, one of the dirtiest bakery around Trastevere and the quality of their bread is not so high. Often it is either undercooked or overcooked.
      You might also try the "sardinian sisters" in Via del Moro for fresh pasta (their ricotta stuffed ravioli are pretty good). For good bread you might want to consider the Lariano or Genzano breads sold at either Er Cimotto in Piazza della Malva or Trastevere Bio in Via di S. Dorotea. And, as you are there, also the pizza by the slice sold at La Boccaccia, just few steps from Trastevere Bio.

      La Boccaccia
      Via Santa Dorotea, 2, Rome, Lazio , IT

      1. re: cristinab

        I knew you would come back and criticize Renella, Christina, but we liked everything we had there, especially the Genzano bread, maybe less the pizza bianca, but the place is jammed all day so they must be doing something right.

        Im always glad to get more bakery and pizza al taglio recommendations, however!

        1. re: jen kalb

          @JenKalb. Sorry but don't agree with the theory "it's always jammed so it's good". Sometimes it's true sometimes it's not. Renella has some good products (try their crostatas or cookies), sometimes you might get lucky and get a good piece of bread but it is dirty. Look at the edges of the pans where focaccia is kept, the shelf or the scale (do they ever wipe it?) or in the back through the window where they make pizzas. Look at how many times the employees touch money and bread without putting gloves on.
          I am glad I could help out with few new addresses here on chowhound : think that's the beauty of a forum!

          1. re: cristinab

            the if its crowded its good theory isnt my normal take,but it its moms and kids, etc. I feel differently, and they are busy from early to late.. that whole part of Trastevere is crowded and not in a good way in my view. I guess I can beg to differ on the cleanliness issue. We were in there multiple times and didnt see anything that made us think anything unhealty was going on - and the crostatas and bread we had were good. I wont continue to argue the point however, and if there are better places for the products they sell, thats what the forum is for.

            1. re: cristinab

              Totally agree with cristinab!
              Attached photo was taken few days ago at La Renella and it is self-explanatory...

              The "Eternal" City is moving fast in terms of gastronomic offer. Some places went down and, luckily, many other went up or have been opened recently.
              This board is really an excellent resource thanks to the many up-to-date contributors.

              1. re: tavoleromane

                OK you win (a picture is worth etc...) Antica Caciara is going to get a visit La Renella not so much. Thanks to everyone who replied and I look forward to reporting back after our trip.

            2. re: jen kalb

              Years ago we had lunch at a trattoria in trastevere and loved the bread there so much that we asked where they got it - we then were sent to renella. We immedeatly went and bought some but it didn't even come close to the one we had just had. We later tried it another time, also got some pizza - again, neither pizza, nor bread were good. On that occasion we also had a chance to sit and observe the whole place for some time and found it very dirty. I am not squemish and have eaten things at worse places, but with all the other, better choices in the city, i don't have to do that, so renella came off of our list.
              I also agree with the statement that a crowded place in rome doesn't necessarily mean it is good - a lot of romans are very undecerning when it comes to food outside of their home. But i know this idea might find big opponents here - please don't kill me! ;)

              1. re: vinoroma

                Thank you all. As always Hounders know and are willing to share their expertise. We will put these recommendations on our list. Does anyone know il Forno Amico in the Piazza San Cosimato?

                1. re: TomProulx

                  I had a great meal at La Gensola- John Dory fish atop a potato salad and an unforgettable apple pie with cinnamon gelato. I ate at Glass Hostaria as well and liked it very much but it is more of a trendy upscale kind of place and the menu isn't suitable for children unless they are very adventurous eaters.

                  La Gensola
                  Piazza della Gensola, 15, Rome, Lazio 00153, IT

                  Glass Hostaria
                  Vicolo de' Cinque, Rome, Lazio 00153, IT