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Nov 15, 2011 04:57 PM

Aura in Whistler Creekside?

We're headed up for our annual holiday in Whistler. We know most of the old standards for dining options up there, but it seems there are quite a few closures on Christmas Eve including our go-to Rim Rock. I thought of trying Aura, but haven't seen much on it here on CH. Any experiences worth sharing?

Also, any suggestions for Christmas dinner? It's usually a good ski day, so I don't think we want to eat at home. We've done the Chateau's Christmas dinner before, but just wondering if there are any other tried and true options.


Rim Rock Cafe
2117 Whistler Rd, Whistler, BC V0N1B2, CA

Creekside Restaurant
4087 Squilax Anglemont, Celista, BC V0E, CA

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  1. I've done Aura, and was reasonably impressed by it. It was off-season though, so prices were fairly cheap. Still, they're doing cool stuff with house made charcuterie, and some interesting options. Given both options, I'd probably still choose rim rock, but if that isn't an option, Aura will do.

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      Thanks for the response. Per the current online menu, it looks like they have a 3-course prix fixe for $39 which seems downright inexpensive for Whistler dining. Hoping that we're getting in early on a new dining option that we'll be able to turn into a regular experience in Whistler...a hidden gem.

    2. Reporting back. We had Xmas Eve dinner at Aura. It was terrific!

      They had a very limited 4 or 6 course menu to choose from, but every course was very well executed. A focus on local ingredients to create delicately prepared courses.

      The highlight was a salmon dish. Dessert was the weak point.

      Really, it was a very enjoyable meal with excellent service in a very nice setting.