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Nov 15, 2011 04:20 PM

Anything non-traditional for the holidays!

I will soon be 50 years old and I hate to say this, but I have gotten tired of a lot of foods that I used to like. I am starting to especially have problems around the holidays: turkey and stuffing, marshmallow salad, green bean casserole, UGH.

I submit a plea to everyone to consider serving something completely out of the ordinary for the holidays. Here in Dallas, a traditional Christmas feast for people from Mexico always includes tamales--a superb non-traditional choice.

My suggestion is to forgo the ordinary meat course and serve this: a lovely, rib-eye roast. It will be a little more expensive, but cooking effort will be about the same. I assure you that *everyone* will thank you.

As for sides, I suggest, just for a change of pace, ditching all of your old recipes from cans and recreate them anew. Cranberry sauce made from fresh cranberries is a revelation. Wild rice and fresh vegetables can make everyone open their eyes and notice your dinner, perhaps for the first time. A little bit of thought and consideration can go a long way.

And finally, I *love* turkey, just not on the holidays. A fresh bird, not frozen, roasted, will make a wonderful meal at any time. Give the bird a holiday break and serve him year round! Your tummy will thank you.

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  1. So, BoneMan, what's your question?

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      Sorry, I am not very imaginitive, I would like some ideas for replacements for traditional holiday dishes, thanks.

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        Who is doing the cooking, you or someone else? If the dinner was to be at my house, I would make risotto with a soffritto (sauteed onion, celery and green bell peppers) as the 'primo piatto.' But my family, all of whom have Italian genes in different proportions, would raise the roof if there was no pasta served.

        I miei antenati non erano italiani (my ancestors were not Italian).

        Buona festa e mangia bene! Buon ringraziamento!

    2. Where do you live? As I live in San Francisco I often serve Dungeness Crab for Thanksgiving. This year (because so many people are coming over) I'm going with a Willie Bird turkey, sausage and apple stuffing, steamed green beans, home-made cranberry sauce, mashed sweet potatoes, and gravy.

      For appetizers we'll have spanakopita triangles, olives, and nuts.

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        We are making crab cioppino instead of the traditional for thanksgiving. Fresh crab from Half Moon Bay.

      2. Not a tradition with which I grew up, but have seen on the Thanksgiving dinner table since I got married...51+ years ago. My wife is of Italian heritage, so there is a 'primo piatto' of some pasta. With so much food that I see only once a year at Thanksgiving, I refuse to eat pasta on that day.

        I make the fresh cranberry relish without water. The liquids that I use are orange juice and vodka.

        1. I made Asian eggplants one year as a side dish. I think it would go with your roast.