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Vietnamese in JP?

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Looking for great cheap Viet eats. Thanks!

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  1. As a JP dweller, I usually head to Dorchester (esp. the Fields Corner section) for my Vietnamese fix. Plenty to choose from over there, although Pho 2000 is my favorite.

    Pho 2000 Restaurant
    198 Adams St, Dorchester, MA 02122

    1. Not a strength of JP - you'll have to go to one of the places in Dorchester, or Pho Lemongrass in Coolidge Corner. I'd recommend Dorchester.

      1. I am aware of a million great places for viet food, 'm just trying to find it inJP. really, nothing?

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          Afraid not - even Wonder Spice Cafe, which is mainly Cambodian, veers toward Thai and not Vietnamese. Asian food just in general is definitely a gap in JP. I'd be happy to be proven wrong, though... I harbor fantasies of discovering a secret bahn mi place down on Washington Street.

          Wonder Spice Cafe
          697 Centre St, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

          1. re: shoshiedude

            Yeah, I mean, not every neighborhood's going to have everything. If you're into Cuban or Dominican, dark bars with good beer selections, or tiny locavore places, then JP's your 'hood.

          2. I have a car, and if I am lucky with red lights, I can make it from my house in JP to Pho 2000 in Dorchester in exactly 10 minutes. Yes, I've timed it.

            As robwat36 and others suggest, if you want good Vietnamese food and you live in JP, it's really worth the trip to Dorchester. You could also hop on the Orange Line and head downtown and go to Xinh Xinh.

            Xinh Xinh
            7 Beach St, Boston, MA 02111

            Pho 2000 Restaurant
            198 Adams St, Dorchester, MA 02122