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Nov 15, 2011 02:27 PM

Deep fried turkey?


Anyone know where I can get deep fried turkey for Thanksgiving? I am outsourcing (or trying to) this year. So far, I ordered a package from Balducci's. Preferaly close to Alexandria, but willing to drive. I actually have never had deep fried turkey before, so I am also curious to try. Thanks in advance!

Gobble gobble,

600 Franklin St, Alexandria, VA 22314

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  1. I have absolutely no idea where to get one here but I do know from experience that they are extremely easy to do yourself. My mother and I fry two turkeys each year, one for the big meal and one for leftovers. It is, by far, the juiciest, most flavorful turkey that I have ever had. The one and only drawback is the lack of "drippings" to make gravy.

    You need a large deep-fryer - Lowe's usually carries one for around $100 and quite a bit of oil. We use a dry-rub overnight on a smaller turkey - usually around 8-10 pounds. When you go to fry it, it only takes about 45 minutes and it makes the crispiest skin imaginable!

    Can you tell I'm homesick? Can't wait to go back for the holiday!

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    1. re: Jessica Laurel

      but be sure the fryer is well away from the house and the turkey is thoroughly thawed (too many sad WaPo stories in the aftermath abound waiting to tarnish the holiday season)

      Popeye's! (call)

      the one source I truly know of is Inman's (Market Poultry) at the Eastern Market, but orders MUST be placed in advance and even then it's a PITA hour line to pick up the goods.

      surely Teeter or Wegman's or somebody else does it.

      1. re: Jessica Laurel

        Have you or your family ever had an accident? Is is pretty self-explanatory? With peanut oil (assuming) and making sure there is enough room from the top of the oil to the top of the cooker? It does sound really good which is why I am seeking it out. (deep fried turkey)

        1. re: Lucky Basil

          We have never had an accident and have been doing it for about 10 years now. We defrost thoroughly and don't overfill the oil.

          Of course, I am from South Carolina so perhaps Frying Things is an innate talent :)

      2. I recall a place in Bethesda doing it ... mostly as a public service because of the fire danger that we will all be warned about in the week before Thanksgiving.

        Might have been a burger place. Not that close to Alexandria, however.

        1. This is from the WaPost's "Free Range on Food" chat from last week. There's another one today at noon if you want to ask a follow up.

          Q.Turkey Frying
          Last year we took advantage of BGR's offer to fry turkeys for free on Thanksgiving morning. It was a lifesaver for a group of Thanksgiving orphans. Any word if they'll br doing it again this year? If not, any other places around town that will fry up our turkey (even if not for free)?
          – November 09, 2011 11:10 AM Permalink
          A.Becky Krystal :
          BGR is doing it again this year. Nice idea, right? Here's the info from the release we got:

          BGR The Burger Joint is giving its loyal diners plenty to be thankful for this month! The restaurant is reviving its legendary Turkey Frying festivities at the Bethesda location for the fourth Thanksgiving Day in a row ...

          Anyone can get in on the turkey frying action! On Thursday, November 24th from 11 am to 1:30 pm, The Burger Joint’s founder Mark Bucher will get into the giving spirit by deep-frying patrons’ birds for FREE at their 4827 Fairmont Ave location in Bethesda, MD. That’s right, all you have to do is bring your thawed out turkey – an eight to ten pound bird is best – to the restaurant and Mark will make you a glorious main course of meat that’s tender and moist on the inside with a dark and crispy crust. BGR will do all the culinary preparation for customers, sparing them from the tedious, hour-long process of frying the bird themselves. But make sure to get their early, as this cookout is first-come, first-serve.

          The Burger Joint
          4827 Fairmont Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

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          1. re: Bart Hound

            Wow, thanks for the heads up everyone! I don't know if I can make it to Bethesda this year, but I will bookmark it in my head for maybe next year. As for frying a turkey myself - I have seen those videos on Youtube and heard of the fire hazards of deep frying turkeys. Before I dive in and get a fryer and attempt to do this on my own, do you think it would be feasbile and/or worthwhile to deep fry something smaller, like cornish game hens? Just to sort of experience the deep fried bird aspect?

            Does anyone think that deep frying a cornish game hen (I think some can be the size of like a mini-football...? can be done indoors? Like if I used a really deep stockpot like contraption. Or, am I playing with fire? (no pun intended) I mean, I have 'deep fried' fried chicken, and honestly, sometimes chicken breasts can be pretty large. Thoughts? Has anyone done this?

            1. re: Lucky Basil

              I think the issues have been: too much oil, not allowing for displacement; still frozen or wet birds, causing massive splatter onto the propane flame; in or next to the house, providing lots of fuel; but I swear every year some poor saps burn the house down.

              the idea of a trial run (I almost said dry - HA!) is a good one, but the logistics of a big ole bird are different than a cut up and battered chicken. when I've seen it done with a whole turkey they are equipped with appropriate tools and use 2 people to ease it in and out. so a small thing like a Cornish or 2 in the kitchen in a stock pot should be OK. but for the big bird, the last thing you want is splash.

              1. re: Lucky Basil

                Using a deep fryer indoors is a serious fire hazard not worth the risk I have seen and helped fry many turkeys the oil can splash and start a fire in the blink of an eye.

                1. re: agarnett100

                  over on another thread MarkKS has some good tips on logistics for DIY if anyone is curious

              2. re: Bart Hound

                Wow! What a great deal! I can't imagine that they aren't going to be overwhelmed. I wonder if a bone-in breast would work?

                Doubt that I'll make the trek to Bethesda, particularly not without a confirmed appointment (which of course isn't in the plan) but it's sure a great offer. I wish one of the BGRs in NoVA was frying as well.