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Nov 15, 2011 02:26 PM

Inexpensive white to pour at a fundraiser

I've been asked to come up with a case of dry white wine to pour at a wine and cheese fundraiser at short notice. Can anyone suggest a wine, maybe an unoaked Chardonnay, in the $6-10 range? Something mass-markety that I'll be likely to find at my local liquor store? It doesn't have to be great -- Just pleasant, inoffensive. There won't be many wine connoisseurs in the crowd. Most people will probably choose the moscato, but we want something dry for those who don't like the sweet stuff.

I tried asking the wine guy at the liquor store. He unhesitatingly recommended Two Oceans South African Chardonnay at a mere $4.99 a bottle. But I found it just not quite good enough -- sour and too oaky. Further suggestions will be appreciated.

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  1. I personally don't care for Chardonnay with cheese. Have you looked at Pinot Grigio? Believe it or not Gallo puts out a nice one that's very reasonable & goes VERY well with many different cheeses.

    1. Avant by Kendall -Jackson is quite good for the money but might be around 14 bucks. Crisp and clean tasting. You might see if it is in your price range (or maybe the store will make you a deal for a volume purchase).

      If you have Chateau Ste Michelle in your area, they have a really nice (dry!) Riesling that pairs really nice with cheese...and it is only about 7 dollars a bottle where I live.

      I think I have had a Cupcake vineyards Prosecco that I thought was nice. I like bubbles and cheese together and I think it is well under 10 bucks per bottle.

      Most stores will offer a discount for a case of anything too.

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        Cupcake also does a nice inexpensive chardonnay. I think Costco sells least here in L.A.
        Not sure the price...but I'm pretty sure it's less than $10.

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          Chateau Ste Michelle is $11.00 here in Florida. Try a Vinho Verde from Portugal. Slight bubbles, somewhat dry, and on sale for $3.59 a bottle. A big hit at the last get-together. And a pleasant surprise to the wine lovers.

        2. Foxglove is the second label for Varner and they do a nice inexpensive chardonnay, but it's about $12 a bottle.
          I agree with others that chardonnay is maybe not the best wine to match with cheese.
          What kind of cheese will be served?

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            For the money - Foxglove rocks! It will pair well because it is not all messed up with oak and butter.

            1. re: jock

              Yes, Foxglove is an excellent QPR. Hey Steve, as always good advice!

              And Jock, we gonna have to get together again in 2012. Happy Holidays to you and the family!


          2. This will be a bit above your target price, but the Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc
            and Viognier blend is a nice wine for $12.

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              That is a very nice, lower-priced white, and should be very cheese-friendly, of course depending on the cheese. Even with a more acidic goat, it should be fine. Good call.


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                I was hoping nobody would ask! I am not sure what it will be. It's being donated and I am not in charge but I am expecting mostly hard or semi hard cheeses like cheddar and gouda, possibly brie, possibly even cheese spreads. No goat cheese. I almost added a note to my original post not to overthink the wine-cheese pairings. The event is not that fancy. I am definitely going to check out the Cupcake and Gallo. And I'll look into some of the others for my personal consumption, but I think that $12-$14 is really too high for this event.

              2. Do you have any clue, as to what the cheese(s) will be.

                Unlike others, I am a fan of Chards with certain, creamy cheeses, though do have to admit that most of those are FR, and above the stated price-points. Still, with a Brie, a nice, not too oaky Chard, can be excellent.

                Good luck,