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Nov 15, 2011 02:07 PM

Big Skenny's Fish and Chips in Sunnyvale

After presenting nothing but tantalizing signage on an otherwise empty shopfront for a long, long time, Big Skenny's Fish and Chips in Sunnyvale finally opened earlier this year. I went for lunch: 3 pieces of red snapper for $7-ish, and a basket of fried okra for an additional $1.50.

The fish was just about perfect--fresh, and fried in a minimal, cornmeal batter, served with tartar sauce or malt vinegar. The okra was also quite fresh. There are squirt bottles of ketchup and hot sauce at each table.

The simple menu also offers catfish, oysters, french fries, fried zuchinni, and (I think) coleslaw. The daily special board had dessert (cake today, $2). Now if only they had hushpuppies...

Overall, this is a promising addition to the Sunnyvale El Camino chow-ish scene

1173 W El Camino Real (at Bernardo)

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  1. Curious about the okra -- I wonder where they get it this time of year. Is it cut or in whole pods?

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      The way I've seen it done sometimes out here in NC is that you pickle the okra during season and then fry it in the winter. It's like a fried pickle, but better. This, of course, is superior to using frozen okra.

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        The okra was cut. Didn't seem frozen--freezing changes the texture. See the photo!

      2. Looks like a cool place. Thanks for the report.

        Their facebook page has daily specials for Big Skenny's Fish and Chips

        I guess the fish is fresh. There's a photo of Big Skenny holding up a whole catfish. They make their own tartar sauce. There's also malt vinegar for those that like that.

        I am charmed by the photos of cupcakes being made for veteran's day with flags and the pink breast cancer awareness cupcakes where the profits were donated to charity. Key Lime pie ($3) seems to be a frequent dessert. They have also made red velvet cake in the past.

        They also have had specials such as Caribbean Jerk Chicken Special with Macaroni Salad and Rice/Pea is ready. $8.50

        Today it is clam chowder $3.75

        The website says they make jambalaya on the weekends.

        I'm falling in love with the place just reading their facebook postings. Who makes chicken broccoli casserole over rice? The shrimp slider special looked good too.

        However, check the website. They will be closed this weekend and they have different hours for Thanksgiving week. Website is on the restaurant record.

        Big Skenny's Fish and Chips
        1173 W El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

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          Chicken broccoli casserole over rice? Who doesn't (at least out here in the Carolinas with its rice and Gullah traditions)? I'm looking forward to trying this place on my next visit. Now if only they served up some sweet iced tea to go along with the fried and spicy foods.