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Liberte Greek Yogurt

Has anyone tried the new liberte 0% MF greek yogurt?

I picked up a 4 pack of the individual sized containers with stawberry on the bottom and they are yummy! Nice and thick smooth yogurt with a tangy creamy taste.
I haven't sampled a lot of greek yogurt, but I have had the fage brand a few times and I think the new liberte greek yogurt is fairly similar in taste and texture. And I think it was a better price and more available than fage.

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  1. ive tried it.. doesnt taste like yogurt from greece... but i dont think any 0% MF yogurts do either, even the stokadis brand..

    1. I love it. Maybe it's not 100% like Greek yogurt, but I love it.

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        Do you know where I can buy Organic Liberte Yogurt?

        1. re: Herne

          I've seen the Organic version in the refrigerated area of the Organics section (just south fo the butchering section) of the Loblaws on St. Clair, just east of Bathurst.

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            Metro, Sobey, and Whole Foods carries the organic version.

            1. re: bluefirefly

              Some do and some don't. The Metro at Don Mills doesn't for example. I guess its because some stores are smaller than others.

        2. The ones I have seen have a lot of sugar in them which is not good for me.

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            Get the plain one. It's delicious.

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              They were selling the 0% plain two pack of 500 mL at costco the other day. I add granola and a bit of honey for breakfast.

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                Oh what would I do for a Costco membership (and the accompanying storage space)...

          2. I like this yogurt plain. I can add my own fruit and use is as sour cream for soups and dips.
            Love the fact that there is no corn starch added - just 2 ingredients on the list. YAY!

            1. I just bought the Liberte 0% Greek yogurt as well. While it's good, i found that the Danone Oikos one tastes better.

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                I've only seen the Oikos plain in 9-10% MF. Only the fruit/honey flavours are %

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                  Oikos has 0% but you have to make sure it's Okios Organic. I found it at Walmart.

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                  The PC one is actually my favourite so far. It helps that it's about a dollar cheaper per tub, too.

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                    Really? I've only tried the PC once (a promo), and was put off by the graininess. Perhaps a bad batch? We eat a lot of Liberte at our house, but not the 0%.

                    1. re: urbnmns

                      Must've been a bad one. I find it has an almost mousse-like texture.

                        1. re: piccola

                          Thanks - I will have to re-try. The batch I had actually made my mouth feel dry (odd, I know!)

                  2. The best Greek yoghurt is by weight at the large, modern Sun Valley Fine Foods owned by 2 ex pat Greek brothers at the corner of Danforth & Gough(1 block west of Pape):http://www.sunvalleyfinefoods.com/

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                        Awesome yoghurt and seriously good tzatziki as well. Not low fat which makes it so much better.

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                          I tried the Sun Valley Fine Foods greek yogurt today. They told me it's about 14-16% MF and is produced for them by another company. While it was one of the thickest yogurts I ever had and had a good mouth feel and taste in the beginning I found it had a metallic aftertaste. While I was at it (been on a bit of a yoghurt tasting kick lately) I got some more Skotidakis 9% M.F. greek yogurt at Pape Foodland (just east of Sun Valley on the same side) for $3.99 vs about 80 cents more at The Big Carrot where I usually buy it. Cheapest price in town so far. It's my all time favourite because it's very thick (almost as thick as the Sun Valley Foods one) and very slightly tangy. I also like that it's made in Ontario.

                          Then I bought some President's Choice 2% Plain Greek Yogurt (so-so) and The Greek Gods Plain Style Yogurt 10% M.F. (very runny and the worst of them all). I also sometimes buy Liberte 0% MF plain Greek Yogurt when I happen to be at Costco if I am to lazy to go out and get Skotidakis as they don't carry it. For a 0% MF yogurt it's a pretty good second choice for me. For some reason Costco sells Skotidakis Feta, Tzatziki Dip, Jalapeno Dip and French Onion Dip but not the plain greek yogurt. I've also tried pretty well every other commercially available greek plain yogurt I could find in Toronto and always go back to Skotidakis.

                          What I've found is that higher fat content generally trumps lower in yogurt (no surprise there I guess) and that I'd rather have a full fat yogurt that tastes good than one that has less fat, is runny and doesn't taste as good.

                          While I am on the topic does anyone know where they sell the 0% and 2% Skotidakis plain greek yogurts? I didn't even realize they existed until I went to the company website yesterday.

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                            I've recently purchased 0% plain Skotidakis at Whole Foods and Yummy Supermarket (Dufferin/Finch).

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                              I usually opt for a higher fat preference.

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                                There are some Skotidakis products at Ellas Meats on Pape, but I am not sure if they have the 0 and 2% varieties. They may be able to order them for you.

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                                  I was at Foodland on Danforth , just a few metres west of Pape & looked at the yogurt section(looking for the highest fat content). I bought Skotidakis. It's 9% MF. It's a little more sour than the yogurt by weight at Sun Valley Fine Foods a half block away. By far my favourite is from Sydney Australia where the various fruit yogurts are sold out of large open pans at fruit juice stalls. Fresh mango & passion fruit is my fave. I asked at one stall why their seemed to be a duplication . They replied that's the skinny yogurt(low fat) counter.

                                  1. re: YVR flyboy

                                    And I find the Skotidakis just nicely slightly tangy with no bad aftertaste and the Sun Valley by weight yogurt not as tangy with a bit of a metallic aftertaste.

                                    I guess our taste buds all experience flavours slightly differently (and this also changes as we age). But I did do a blind taste test with a couple of other people with the Skotidakis 9%, Sun Valley, Liberte and another one and they all liked the Skotidakis best.

                                    But, and this is pretty well quantitative, not qualitative really, the Sun Valley yogurt is the thickest that I have ever tasted. Skotidakis is a close second..

                          2. Love it! It's so thick and creamy that I've used it to go with dessert like grilled peaches infused with lavendar with the Liberte greek yogurt on the side ... yum! Oh can't wait til peach season comes around again!

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                              I used it to make a panna cotta recently. Very nice.