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Nov 15, 2011 01:33 PM

Persimmons in LA?

Does anyone know where to get persimmons in LA?



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  1. Same story as your other post, except that absolutely every farmers market in Los Angeles and its surrounding area has persimmons right now. Hachiyas are just coming in; Fuyus are already here.

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      Thanks! DIdn't see them at West LA last week, but I might have gone too late. I noticed some folks had closed up shop. Now, if only I can find smoked bluefish.....

      1. re: Withnail

        Try Persian stores (I live in OC so we have Wholesome Choice) or, as a last resort, Barney Greengrass.

        Wholesome Choice
        18040 Culver Dr, Irvine, CA 92612

        Barney Greengrass Restaurant
        9570 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

    2. The Kosher markets on Pico have em. Elat at Pico/Robertson, as well as the Glatt at Pico/Elm, sell em for 99-1.49/lb.

      Trader Joe's has them too. I think 59 cents each.

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      1. re: Emme

        I was getting some stuff from Luis the produce guy with silver van (in the B&B Hardware lot from 9am-6pm, M to Sat) and he had some nice looking Hachiyas three days ago (Saturday).

        1. re: Emme

          just FYI i stopped into the Glatt at Pico/Elm, and persimmons were 79 cents per pound. i got a handful... or two... :)

          i have a friend who has multiple trees... every so often he shares some of the behemoths, and man are they amazing.

        2. I saw both kinds yesterday at the Super King on San Fernando Rd.

          1. Encino Farmers Market, on Sundays. Have seen both types there, but only bought the smaller variety (Fuyu?) b/c we prefer those.

            They're just getting going, which mean they're still kind of unripe, or crunchy in texture. I like them that way (kind of like eating an apple or pear), but I know to some they need to be really soft to enjoy.

            Good luck!!

            P.S. Withnail - LA is a big place, next time you may want to specify what area you'd be interested in making your purchase.

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            1. re: GK in SO

              Just FYI—Fuyus are supposed to be eaten slightly crunchy, like a pear just on the cusp or a ripe Asian pear. Hachiyas go all soft and pudding-y.

            2. Asian markets should have them too. 99 Ranch on Valley has fuyus at like .59/lb right now.