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Nov 15, 2011 12:13 PM

Only desserts

I know there are specific "dessert" shops which specialize in just dessert and sweets, but many of the desserts I crave are at proper restaurants.

Just wondering if its considered bad form to go to these restaurants for just dessert - after all we're taking up a table and possibly a few hours just having dessert and/or coffee, so really they're not making much revenue from us.

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  1. If indeed you plan to spend a few hours lingering over dessert, I might suggest going later or sitting in a lower-traffic spot within the restaurant. You might also want to phone ahead to the restaurant and explain your dilemma. If they're nice and accommodating, problem solved.

    I might suggest that sitting at the bar at, say, Splendido for desserts and coffee might be a nice compromise.

    1. I've been meaning on doing something similar. There are three places we want to try and see if they will do a dessert tasting menu for us. They are Frank at the AGO, Grace and Carisma. We would call ahead, see if it's ok, and go on a week night.

      Carisma Restaurant
      73 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C 2V8, CA

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        I recall having 'great' dessert tasting menu at Amuse Bouche and Perigee. Pity they are a thing of the past!! Sigh!!