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Nov 15, 2011 12:03 PM

Backup for Tilia

Going to try to visit Tilia later this week with another couple. Not sure how the "wait" situation is for a weeknight. But if it's too long, any suggestions for a last minute alternative - preferably between Tilia in SW Mpls and downtown?

So far, I'm thinking Lucias or perhaps Cafe 28 or Victors 1959. Other ideas?

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  1. Cafe Twenty Eight is right next door, and going out of business later this year. The food is always excellent, though.

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    1. re: forgottendreamr

      second vote for Cafe28, had a great meal there. Stepped into Tilia and it was jammed and noise level was as high as I've ever heard in a restaurant.

      1. re: forgottendreamr

        where did you hear cafe 28 is going out of business? i like that place.

        1. re: parallevar

          We also stopped in to confirm and commiserate. The staff seems pretty upset, especially with the uncertaintly of the closing date and having to find a new place to go. I haven't heard on what will become of the space yet.

      2. I would forget about Tilia and head right over to In Season, which is by far some of the best food in the city. I don't want to say that Tilia not worth waiting but I would switch and and say if the wait is long at In Season head over to Tilia.

        In Season
        5416 Penn Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55419

        1. I enjoy In Season as well, but think that it's a little higher in price than Tilia (at least as I understand Tilia - I haven't eaten there myself). Another nearby place that we've enjoyed is Tosca. Other possibilities include Corner Table, Grand Cafe, Blackbird Cafe (haven't eaten there in their new digs) or maybe Kings Wine Bar. I'd put all of those places ahead of Victor's.

          Corner Table
          4257 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55409

          Grand Cafe
          3804 Grand Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55409

          Blackbird Cafe
          3800 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55409

          3415 w 44th St, Minneapolis, MN

          Kings Wine Bar
          4555 Grand Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55419

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          1. re: bob s

            I've become a big fan of the Kings Burger. It's addicting.

          2. Thanks for the suggestions. So far, I think Cafe 28 will be our first backup choice (notwithstanding their future), followed by Lucias and Tosca.