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Nov 15, 2011 11:56 AM

Should I just throw it out?

I took a fully frozen chicken out and put it in the fridge to defrost approx. 5 days ago. It was still in the original packaging. I took a look and it doesn't smell funny and it's not slimy. Eat or toss? I'd hate to waste it, but....

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  1. It should have some kind of "use by" or "good until" date" on the package.

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      Usually those dates apply to a refrigerated bird. Once you freeze it you vastly increase the "sell by/ use by" date unless you bought the bird already frozen.

    2. Eat. It probably wasn't even fully defrosted for 2-3 days, at the earliest, as it is.

      1. I almost panicked there for a second, but then realized you had put it in the fridge, not on the counter. I'd eat it - especially if it's a big chicken, it probably wasn't even fully thawed for several days. A fully frozen bird takes for-freaking-ever to thaw. If you want to be really safe, cook in a hot oven until it gets -say- 120 or 140F inside, and then turn the oven down to 250 and cook for several more hours. This will ensure that your bird gets way over the temperature that kills salmonella in every last nook and cranny, without drying out.

        1. It is just fine. It probably took over 2 days to thaw. If you are feeling nervous, brine it before roasting, since salt kills bacterial. But as it is not slimy or smelly, I would not bother. The FDA is terribly over-cautious. The recent New England power outage was 107 hours here. My freezer was packed and fridge pretty full. I never opened either door, and the only thing I lost was half-and -half that would have been sour by then anyway. I ate leftover roast chicken that had been in the fridge for 8 days without any problem. It too, was neither smelly nor slimy.