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Nov 15, 2011 11:52 AM

I'm going to cook a bone-in leg of lamb... where do I get one?

Trying to cross an item off of my cooking challenge list... leg of lamb. Does anybody have any advice as to where to get one? I'd imagine Whole Foods or Central Market, the former being more expensive, I bet. If there are any better/more economical places out there, I'm all ears. Organic is a plus.

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  1. A few weeks ago, I was looking for a lamb shoulder and I'm pretty sure I saw bone-in leg of lamb at Costco. Not likely organic, but probably more economical than other options. I couldn't find the pork shoulder btw, so let me know if you've got any tips on that!

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      There a guy at the downtown farmer's market on Saturdays that specializes in lamb. If he doesn't have one on hand, I'm sure you can reserve one

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        Do you know if he has a website? I could even just look myself if you happen to remember the name of his business.

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        You mentioned pork shoulder and lamb shoulder, so I'm not sure which one you were looking for (maybe a typo?), but if it was pork, I'd definitely get in touch with Richardson Farms. You can order online with them, or they have several locations that sell their meats. Here's the url:

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          I hit reply to korikoritx's post, but somehow ended up down here at the bottom. Just so you know, that previous response was for you.

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            I meant lamb shoulder, but thanks for the tip on the pork shoulder...

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          CostCo carries boneless leg of lamb from NZ and lamb loin chops. They always have pork shoulder, also boneless, and possibly labelled pork butt. It's the biggest package of meat they carry - 2 to a package, about $1.95/lb (about $35/package. The pork shoulder is the best commercial pork in town.

        3. Indian grocery stores usually have this... check out the places on N Lamar

          1. It's not bone-in, but the boneless legs at CostCo are considered by many as the best lamb available in Austin. Whichever route you go, I would highly suggest finding a New Zealand Leg as opposed to to a domestic lamb leg. That is, if you know you like lamb. I'm toying with the idea of getting a whole Argentinian mutton (cut into 6 pieces) from Restaurant Depot ($100).


            1. Pretty sure you can get it at the Circle C HEB.

              1. McGeary Farm at the Saturday Barton Creek Farmers Market has grass fed lamb. You should be able to request a bone-in leg.