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Nov 15, 2011 11:47 AM


Last year was the largest California harvest ever, but I did not notice an abundance of Dungeys or cheaper prices, at least at the Asian markets I frequent. Where will the first fresh crabs show up, and will they be priced reasonably? Please post when you find fresh Dungeness crabs, and please note if they were lively and well "filled out" (good meat to shell ratio), and of course how much they cost.

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  1. couple weekends ago, I bought Dungeness at Ranch 99 in Sacramento. Had them steam it. It seemed lively on the scale. I would too if I had any idea what was about to happen. :-O

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      Those were probably(hopefully) from Alaska or Canada. It sounds as if they travelled well, I hope you enjoyed them.

    2. I talked to a fisherman up in Morro Bay a couple days ago who said this year's dungey season has been delayed by 2 weeks because the shells are still soft. FYI.

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        That is in Northern Cal., not Central Coast Cal.

      2. You forgot the perennial second headline: Season Delayed! Fishers and Buyers Can't Agree on Price!

        1. Crab populations are cyclical and this season or last season will probably be the peak for this current cycle, but there wasn't a drop in price with an increase in supply last year because China has emerged as a market for California dungeness crab.