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Question for Pizza Makers

A very good friend has become obsessed with making homemade pizza and is terrific at it. I want to get him a couple of things for Christmas relating to this, such as a really good pizza cutter, a pizza board, etc... any ideas and brands would be appreciated, thank you!

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      I have the super peel and I really like it. As far as pizza cutters, I bought this RSVP pizza cutter at a local store and I use it all the time.


    2. Well, if they're obsessed, then I would venture to guess they already have a peel and cutter.
      Do they have a scale? That might work, but like I said...depending on how obsessed, they may have a lot of these already.

      Maybe a pizza stone for the grill? If they have one? Maybe get a large giftbasket of Italian cheeses? salumi?

      1. This may be a little abstract, but you should see if any of the really famous pizza shops would be willing to sell you some starter dough. It would definitely be a unique gift.

        1. I like this website a lot - well priced, quality goods. Check them out - I have been very happy with everything I ordered from them.


          1. Reinhart's "American Pie" pizza book is worthy. Maybe some good accessory ingredients--olive oil, or dried porcini mushrooms.

            Edit: let me add the idea of a fun apron. Anyone working with doughs can use one.

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              Love Reinhart's books. Agree with the ingredients idea. Or, a gift certificate to King Arthur Flour's online Bakers Catalog. Love their website and they have great customer service.

            2. Great ideas, everyone, thanks so much!

              1. Dexter Russell pizza cutters. And if you could find them a pizza peel by lillsun are what the pros use.

                1. A few kilos of Caputo 00 flour--especially if this person does pizza in a wood-fired oven. A few other hard-ish to find specialty pizza ingredients would be fun, too. King Arthur has a nice Italian 00 style flour that would be an alternative to Caputo and a couple of dough additives that one might find worthwhile to experiment with. Add some uncommon or specialty topping ingredients and put it all together in a gift basket.
                  Some items I have and really use the heck out of--a nice olive oil can, a mini mandoline or truffle shaver to use for garlic, a IR thermometer, small and large capacity scales, simple, big round platters for serving.
                  Also wood-fired oven centric, a round turning peel:

                  +1 for the Reinhardt book. Everything he puts out is fantastic.
                  How about a cooking class?

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                    00 is supposed to be optimal for only high temp ovens, like 700-800 degrees.

                    The #1 gift if he doesn't have one would be the largest and thickest pizza stone that fits in his oven.

                    If he wants to get into starters, Sourdo.com is a good source for dried starters of all sorts of unique origins.

                    I also agree that a good scale is a great idea.

                    I am not crazy about the American Pie book, but I know others differ, and I can't think of another good pizza dedicated book, although I think there are better recipes in other more general baking and cook books like the Tartine book and the Mozza book.

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                      +1 on the -1 for American Pie. Reinhart is great on bread, but he's completely clueless when it comes to pizza.

                  2. Cucina Simpatica cookbook was written by the couple who started Al Forno, world famous for its wood fired pizzas. Even if he cooks pizza indoors, their discussion of toppings--they were first, or at least one of the first in the US, to do pizzas that weren't thick layers of tomato sauce and cheese but rather thin crusts with herbs, olive oil and vegetables where you can still see the dough. I learned how to make wonderful pizzas by going to their restaurant and reading this book.

                    1. http://www.webstaurantstore.com/ameri...

                      The size is nice, beveled edge to easily get under the pizza.