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Nov 15, 2011 10:57 AM

Any Chicago vendors who sell deep fried turkeys NOT fried in peanut oil?

Are there any vendors who sell deep fried turkeys for Thanksgiving that is NOT fried in peanut oil and does not use nuts? I know that turkeys are usually fried in peanut oil, but one of my guests is severely allergic to peanuts and was wondering if there's someone in the Chicago area who sells turkeys that don't use any nut products whatsoever. Suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. I had never heard of deep fried turkey until I read this. But a web search shows that it's increasing in popularity, so I guess it's just new to me.

    Here's the part I don't understand, though. Isn't this something that you would be cooking yourself, rather than buying it already cooked from somewhere? And if so, can't you use whatever kind of oil you want?

    Of course, there are also the usual options whenever someone has an allergy - (a) choosing a different preparation (or item) to which that person isn't allergic, or (b) cooking (or buying) something different for that person while preparing the allergic item for everyone else.

    There's no law that says you have to have turkey, either. We're making prime rib for Thanksgiving. Not traditional, but enjoyable nonetheless.

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      Thanks for your response. I would make it myself, but it's very time intensive, and we'd need a large deep fryer, would need to fry it outdoors etc... we're a group of about 20 people who are all going to be cooking in a couple different kitchens, and then bring everything together for dinner... so the logistics of making a deep fried turkey myself are just not feasible. Plus it will probably be cold outside :P

      In terms of the type of oil you use, you generally have to use an oil with a high smoking point so it doesn't burn/char whatever you're cooking (e.g. olive oil has a lower smoking point, so generally shouldn't be used for cooking a steak, etc.) Vegetable oil can be used for frying the turkey, but I think many people choose to use peanut oil because it has a higher smoking point, and is relatively inexpensive when compared to other oils with high smoking point. That's my understanding anyway.

      Having no turkey is not an option for us, haha! Everyone is so fixated on the deep fried turkey now! Any vendors anyone knows of would be really helpful, thanks so much!

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        Thanks for the explanation.

        I don't know of any vendors - maybe someone else here knows of a place - but would it be possible to ask the places that sell deep fried turkey, if you can special-order one with a different oil?

        If you strike out, you could always have a second entree available, for the affected individual (and possibly for anyone else who wants some).

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          It is a kosher caterer but Chicago Tailgators will do a Kosher Fried Turkey - - I am sure you will be able to request an oil other than peanut - perhaps canola -

          Have not had their fried turkey but have their barbecue and wings and they were excellent

          Chicago TailGators
          3411 Dempster St, Skokie, IL 60203

          1. re: weinstein5

            Thanks for the tip, I'll check them out!

            I wonder if there are any vendors who don't use peanut oil at all though? Or don't use fryers that have been used to fry peanut oil. Just don't want any cross contamination. If all else fails I suppose we can just get a fried turkey and place it on a table far far away...

            1. re: fleepfleep

              Peanut oil is non-allergenic....the processing of the oil removes the proteins from the peanut (they are what cause the allergic reaction) and are therefore peanut oil is as safe as


    2. Chicago TailGators is a peanut free establishment and does not even use peanut oil. We are happy to make a fried turkey any time. We did 240 pounds for thanksgiving. You can have them sliced or done whole, with dry rub or injection. Check out the website at

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        Aside from the inappropriate advertising aspect of this post, people should note that it's a Kosher catering site. There may be a little sticker shock for some readers.

        1. re: ferret

          I do not think it is inappropriate since I had recommended Tail Gators and have no affiliation with them but did not know what oil was used - Gator Guy is just providing additional information about his service -

          In regards to sticker shock I think catering a fried turkey whether it is a kosher turkey or not will cause more of a sticker shock - kosher turkeys typically are only 0.50 to 0.75 per pound more expensive -