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Nov 15, 2011 09:13 AM

Where to buy the best Italian sausage in Houston, Texas.

Where can I buy the best-tasting, uncooked, bulk Italian sausage in Houston, Texas? I prefer the sweet over the hot, and a strong black pepper, garlic, and fennel seed flavoring.

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  1. I like HEB's sweet Italian Sausages as well as just about any I can easily find.

    Stupidly cheap too, (about $2.50 for five).

    Here's a secret tip though, go to your nearest Candelari's pizza joint and sweet talk the hostess or manager into selling you a few of their links. They started out as an Italian Sausage maker and they are still the best. They don't sell them at the grocery anymore, though.

    I haven't done it yet, but I have talked them into it. Give it a shot. If it works, you owe me one. If not, at least you can still order a sausage pizza.

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    1. re: DoobieWah

      Oh, good answer! Candalari's makes sausage for all over town, and sells wholesale through Sysco, I believe. Although they're really friendly people if you wanna try direct.

      1. re: garyrwise

        I contacted Candelari's main office (the one on Holcombe), and they were super nice. They said they would sell me all of the uncooked sausage I wanted. I visited them and tasted it, and I have to tell you, it was delicious. Unfortunately it was not the flavors I'm looking for. Needs more garlic, black pepper, and fennel seed. I will continue my search. Thanks.

        1. re: frankboni

          Well, I tried.

          Please come back and let us know what else you try and reject, and most importantly, if you find what you're looking for!

          Let's face it, the search is more than half the fun.

          1. re: DoobieWah

            Doobs, I also tried Candelari's and rejected it, twice. There's something about it that I don't like, plus I didn't like their pizza either. I really wanted to like it, but didn't. For frankboni, I know where to get the best Italian sausage, it's in Rochester, NY in a small meat market. Don't ask the name, because I don't know it. My ex turned me on to my first Italian sausage, and we used to bring it and white hots home in a suitcase packed in dry ice, charcoal it with bell peppers and onions, and wrap it in tortillas with hot sauce. I've never tasted better Italian sausage, and yes Doobs, HEB's is a steal, try it with tortillas and hot sauce.

            1. re: James Cristinian

              I'm willing to drive for the good stuff, but...

              ...Rochester, NY? Yeah...that's not happenin'.

              I'll tell you how much I love Cendelari's.

              When they opened up their restaurant over here on Memorial, I found a sense of deja vu about it but just couldn't place it. The name, the crown logo, just seemed familiar to me.

              About my third visit, and with me asking these many probing questions, the manager finally mentioned that they had started life as sausage makers, and "Bingo", I remembered it. I used to be able to buy their sausages at the grocery store, (maybe twenty years ago), and I liked them so much that I had actually saved a label, and once in a while I would run across it. It's not framed in my living room or anything, but I would occasionally find it while looking for something else.

              And sure enough, that was it. I suppose I should be embarrassed about taking so long to place it, but seriously, who saves sausage labels?!?

              I guess I do.

    2. Grateful Bread has good, but really bold Italian sausage; I bet Revival Meat Market has something excellent. Maybe Chef will make you some.

      1. Marchese Sausage sells theirs at the Sugar Land farmer's market and some other places around town, too. The "mild" has a slight kick, very flavorful, a nice amount of fennel.

        1. So based solely on this thread, I decided to have Candelari's Pizza for game watching Saturday night, (Longhorns - Yes, thank you for your sympathy).

          I picked up two of their thin crust, Euro Style, one pepperoni and one sausage. I also picked up a pound of their sweet sausages. A pound was three good sized links. I split one open and cooked it loosely for an al forno and the other two I cooked whole. I just nibbled a little of the cut one, but I thought it was outstanding - just like I expected.

          The pizzas were great.

          I'll do it all again.


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          1. re: DoobieWah

            We've tried all of the above and the best we've found locally has been Carrabba's on Kirby. They will sell them uncooked - not cheap (around $6lb).
            Forget Revival. We had high hopes but they missed the mark if you are looking for that familiar Italian style sausage.

            1. re: dragonfly

              I tried Carrabba's sausage and I was very pleased, and the rest of my family agree. It's the best we have found locally. I was told that Ditta's Meat Market in Pasadena makes the sausage for all Carrabba's, but uses a Carrabba family recipe. I paid $5/lb.

              Carrabba's Italian Grill
              5440 Fm 1960 Rd W, Houston, TX 77069

              1. re: frankboni

                I'll try it.

                Thanks for letting us know!

          2. Just dropping in to say Candelari's on Memorial closed last week. The letter board sign says "sorry." Yesterday someone stuck a large handwritten sign up that said, "sorry we're closed, please visit "Pizaro's" .... and directions. Hehe.