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Nov 15, 2011 08:59 AM

Favorite/impressive potluck dessert?

I'm looking for some good dessert ideas for a potluck. Something that's more interesting/unusual than the typical apple pie, pumpkin pie, brownie, etc.

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  1. Get real key lime juice and use the Joy of Cooking recipie for key lime pie. I use two yolks for extra richness. Extra points if you use a flaky crust instead of the graham crusts from the store.

    Don't forget to chill before serving.

    1. I have yet to meet a person who doesn't love these butterscotch cashew bars. Plus they bake in a 9x16, but are dense, so you can cut them into almost fudge-sized bites and serve a lot of people. If it's warm, they will soften and stick together, so it's good to cut them and wrap in pieces of parchment or cupcake liners.

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          I know how to use the search function and I've read all those thread already. Thanks

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            i wasn't implying that you didn't know how to search. you didn't specify in your OP that you had already looked through the existing threads so i assumed you hadn't, and i figured i'd go ahead and pull them up for you since they contain tons of ideas...but clearly my efforts would be better served and appreciated elsewhere. mea culpa.

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              So nothing in those threads interested you? Is there something more specific you'd like--it would help us narrow down a suggestion, especially if none of those hit the spot. I'm hard pressed to come up with an idea that hasn't been mentioned in one of those threads.

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              those links were very helpful; th much. one of them includes using toffutti better than cream cheese. i got some of this recently, based on pos. comments from some CHs, but i don't care for it by itself. ghg, what do you think of it flavorwise in recipes?

            3. a large trifle was well received at my last office gathering. I used Joy's trifle from .

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                +1 to danion...most trifles are just gorgeous to look at, easy to prepare and very much devoured.

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                  I agree about trifle and urge everyone to run right out and buy a trifle dish because ANYTHING you put in it looks spectacular. If you feel like it you can make lovely custards and flavor them with rum and layer them with meringue and whipped cream and pineapple and homemade sponge cake. Or if you are pressed for time you can buy sponge layers and layer them with strawberries and whipped cream or in an emergency even Cool-Whip. You can't go wrong because anything layered in a trifle dish is drop-dead gorgeous. You can also use a trifle dish for a layered salad eg light green lettuce, dark green spinach, orange carrot, red tomatoes etc.

                2. Tiramisu. If you want to keep the cost down, make it with a mixture of ricotta and cream cheese (blended together until smooth) instead of mascarpone (which is traditional but expensive). It transports well and actually needs to be assembled a day ahead.