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Nov 15, 2011 08:33 AM

Catered Thanksgiving challenge -- who makes the best...

This year I am thankful that it's just me and my husband for the holidays. While we usually go out for Thanksgiving (as I'm incapable of making Thanksgiving for fewer than 20 people), a New York Times article about the best pies in the city inspired this query:

If you were to pick up each course of a traditional Thanksgiving meal, who would provide each dish? So who would make the best turkey? The best pies? The best sides? I have no problem either spending the money or the time gathering all these items. I'm curious if this method of Thanksgiving is possible and a better choice than going out. Thoughts? I know that I can get everything from Central Market or Eatzi's, but that takes the fun out of this culinary scavenger hunt.

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  1. I know coconut cream pie isn't traditional for TG, but the Pantry in McKinney makes the best - dense, rich filling, not overly sweet, good coconut flavor and flakey crust. They get good marks on their other pies also, I've just never tried them.