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Nov 15, 2011 08:23 AM

Sake Bomb Tuesdays at Uni

Has anyone been recently?
Curious about sample menus and if you think a reservation is neccessary.


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  1. Reservations are definitely recommended. I was there recently on a tuesday, did not order the menu, but the place was full and there seemed to be a wait for the bar

    1. We went last night (I think they're now doing it Sunday through Tuesday).

      Started out with a couple of fabulous cocktails from Todd at the bar. He's there Monday - Friday - go see him before he steps out! The cocktail menu is just awesome:
      I am really enjoying daquiris this season: THE # TRES:Beija, lime juice, Blonde Lillet, Luxardo triple sec, grenadine
      Bulls Eye G&T for the man - the most care ever put into ice cubes

      Food downstairs:
      Some sort of sashimi of bass with thai green curry - fresh, savory, delicious
      Scottish Salmon with Chinese black bean tapenade and fresh ginger - the standard
      Tako (Japanese Octopus Sashimi) with yuzu, soy and ginger (added a la carte) - so many pieces of tender octopus!
      Rock Shrimp Tempura with spicy red pepper aioli and Korean pepper threads
      A chocolate ganache dessert from with coco nibs, almond bark, lemon ice cream

      We had a reservation and were glad we did. The renovation is quite pretty and the bar at Clio is a must.

      370-A Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

      Uni Sashimi Bar
      370 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA

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      1. re: gini Todd really leaving? That's tragic.