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Nov 15, 2011 07:42 AM

Translating Nigel Slater chicken & herbs recipe to pressure cooker

I've just bought a Fissler 6L pressure cooker, with the intention of making stock more quickly. In addition to stock, I want to try a recipe from Nigel Slater in the PC. Essentially it is a couple of chicken pieces per person, browned in some olive oil and some butter, then simmered for about 35-40 minutes at very low heat with the addition of several intact cloves of garlic, with wine to deglaze and herbs for the sauce at the end (google "Chicken, garlic, herbs: a simple supper" for details).

The browning of the chicken pieces wouldn't appear to be a problem - just do it in the pot, in batches if it is crowded. I assume that after browning I could just put on the lid, bring the PC up to pressure and give it 12 minutes or so.

However, the issue of adequate liquid comes to mind - it doesn't seem to me as if there is enough liquid in the existing recipe to create steam. So I was thinking about adding 150ml (1/2 cup, give or take) of white wine and another 1/2 cup of chicken stock to the chicken pieces and garlic before sealing the lid. Would that be adequate? Would it not also cause the fat to spit nastily? And do any of you PC users have any other suggestions on this one? [Edit: I have never used a pressure cooker before.]

Thanks in advance

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  1. The manual that came with your PC should tell you the minimum amount of liquid you should have in your PC. I'd consult that to determine liquid. If memory serves, I have to have 1/4 C in my Fagor. (I want to emphasize the phrase 'if memory serves') To replicate the low heat, I'd use some water and figure out how to use the least amount of heat to keep pressure regulated, unless you can do this with controls on your PC. I can't do this on my pot, so I've learned to bring the pot up to pressure in stages, backing off the heat when the PC is up to pressure. I use the burner that has 2 elements. I end up using only one element (electric stove) at the end, on medium heat. If you are using a gas burner, you have more flexibility.

    Good luck and keep us posted on your results.

    1. Dear Slowcooking, congratulations on your new pressure cooker! Many people start with wanting to convert recipes but there are many things to keep in mind besides cooking time - as you are discovering.

      The best way to "start" converting recipes is to find similar ones already written for the pressure cooker and adapt them to the ingredients you want to use.

      It looks to me like Nigel's recipe is similar to this:
      (I've made this both with and without skin


      Note in the step-by-step pictures how a little liquid became alot! The food also releases alot of liquid so you need just a tad, the minimum amount as suggested by sueatmo, to get thiings started.

      Have fun!

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        Thanks sueatmo and passaglia for your tips. I ended up mixing and matching a bit and everything went smoothly. I didn't take notes last time, but I will work on refining my approach!


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          I depend on my pressure cooker. I hope you enjoy yours.