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Nov 15, 2011 07:42 AM

Bluefin in Plymouth Meeting- What's good on the menu?

I'm heading to Bluefin for the first time this weekend wondered if there are any special items on the menu I should order. On yelp, I read about the tuna sundae, and definitely plan on trying it. Any other interesting items I should sample?


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  1. FYI Bluefin is moving. Check to make sure they are open.

    Personally I just like the very fresh sashimi there. I am not a big roll fan. If you sit at the sushi bar you can talk with the chefs, (and if you give them a beer .. you get even better service... ) and find out what is new/different/fresh.

    1. Everything on their menu is excellent. The fish is so fresh it glows and we always ask to eat the sushi bar so the chefs can make reccomendations based on what they think is best that day.

      That being said, the tuna sundae is delightful!

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        FWIW Bluefin won't be moving until around December 1 according to their Facebook page.

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            According to their facebook page it is at the intersection of Germantown Pike and DeKalb Pike (202).Not sure which shopping center they are going to be in but the address is
            2820 DeKalb Pike
            East Norriton, PA 19401

            You can see pictures of the interior on the facebook page.

            1. re: cwdonald

              2820 DeKalb Pike is the address of the shopping center with Starbucks and DQ.

      2. I also council against rolls, only in that the rolls at Bluefin didn't stand out to me as special (if you're all about rolls, it's not like theirs are bad, they just aren't what sets them apart). I love getting sashimi that I might not trust to get elsewhere--shrimp, scallop, makerel; whatever is on their specials menu.

        And one plug above all others: try the broiled eggplant dish. Not sushi, but the best eggplant I've ever tasted, anywhere. They get the flesh the texture of custard, and create a sweet, nutty crust on top that you have to break through to spoon out the eggplant. Amazing.