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Nov 15, 2011 07:31 AM

Thanksgiving - I get the vegetables...

I have been elected to bring the green vegetables for Thanksgiving. I would like to bring brussels sprouts, but I know not everyone likes them so i am thinking - green beans. One of the problems is that I really wont be able to heat them up and I was wondering what I could serve at room temperature?

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  1. You can certainly steam the beans, then marinate in a lemony vinaigrette and serve them at room temperature. Why not make both Brussels sprouts and green beans? I can't imagine that it isn't possible to warm either or both up at the last minute, either once everything in the oven is done, or in a microwave. Just use a glass or ceramic dish, which will work in either appliance. That way you could do the traditional green bean casserole, which people expect will be part of the Thanksgiving spread.

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      seconded - do both.
      maybe you can turn the non-brussel sprout believers into fans? nothing beats roasted brussel sprouts!

      1. re: pie22

        I agree with pie22.

        Do both and see where things fall out. I;'ve converted many a brussel sprout phobe.

        I clean and pull yellow leaves from my sprouts , cut in half and then toss with olive oil, kosher salt and black pepper. Roast at 375 till done and browned and then toss with a good basalmic vinegar and some lemon juice.

        Better warm but room temp is not a deal breaker to me.

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          DO BOTH! Absolutely. They can easily be done the morning of, then brought over, and covered with foil. Once they take the turkey out of the oven - just throw it in there for a few min, uncovered, to warm them back up.

          Or, for only a few dollars, you can buy a chafing rack and sterno can. I have lots of these and they always come in handy for parties.

          I routinely make both brussels sprouts and green beans and my guests go crazy for both of them. With the green beans, I jazz them up a bit with a good amount of olive oil that has been sauteed with LOTS of puree'd garlic, then tossed with some bacon or pancetta or proscutto, and a bit of lemon juice, balsamic vinegar and srirachi hot sauce - along w/ kosher salt and fresh ground pepper. If you want more texture, toss in some almonds or walnuts that you've chopped in the food processor - not too fine though. There are NEVER any leftovers ...

          I keep the brussels sproutes more simple. Just cut into halves or quarters depending on their size. Then steamed until "just barely cooked". Then toss with olive oil, salt and pepper. Perfect and awesome. If you wish to jazz them a bit, use a microplane zester and shred some hard cheese over them. Pecarino romano would do nicely or similar.

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          Try roasting the green beans. They are very good at room temp. A spritz of lemon over top is a nice addition. Plain, sure, but the flavor is so fabulous when roasted.

          Buitternut squash roasted isn't bad at room temp either.

        3. Asparagus spears wrapped in your favorite ham product and dressed with a vinagrette.

          Seasoned grated brussel sprouts cooked with butter and grated hard cheese. Keep warm in an insulated box. (cooler)

          1. I saw a recipe for brussels sprouts done in heavy cream that looked luscious.

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              I have made this recipe for Brussels sprouts in heavy cream many times:


              I love them, especially if you cut the sprouts in half - the cream soaks into all of their little nooks and crannies and makes them extra delicious, and the nutty "gremolata" just brightens everything up. I also love them shredded and sauteed as Indianriverfl mentioned, or simply roasted. My experience is that everyone who thinks they hate Brussels sprouts has only had them cooked (to death) from frozen, and they are truly abominable in that fashion.

            2. I'm making my brussells sprouts with bacon and vanilla again......comes out well. Could also be served cold, but.......

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                please post recipe! That sounds delish!

              2. I'd do roasted cauliflower and roasted broccoli and present them at room temp on a platter side by side garnished w/roasted red bell peppers