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Nov 15, 2011 04:10 AM

Riesling Question

I just bought a case of JJChristoffel Urziger Wurzgarten Kabinett, 2009. How long will this wine be at its best? Thanks!

Also, which Manhattan retailers have excellent selections of Riesling?

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  1. 2009 was an excellent vintage and this wine should be fine for at least 5 years (some Kabinetts go longer.) In NYC, I'd recommend Crush and Astor as well as Chambers Street Wines, 67 Wines and Sherry Lehman. I think Mr. Wright on the UES has a good selection.

    About the unusual 2010 vintage, you might enjoy reading this:

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    1. 2009 is a very nice vintage for Mosel and Rheingau wines, they should be able to age very nicely for some years. But I have to say I personally often like German Rieslings young, especially the Kabinett and Sp├Ątlese qualities.
      If you've got an entire case, I'd say open one in the next few weeks and then decide what to do with the rest!

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        Me too! A lot of time, I love fresh, floral and fruity young Riesling before the petrol nose sets in.
        BTW, heard directly from the horse's mouth - Fritz Hasselbach of Gunderloch. The 2011 vintage will be totally AWESOME!!!

      2. My standard response: It depends on how you like to enjoy kabinetten. Some responders like them on the young side. Other prefer a bit of age on them. You are the one who defines what "best" is.

        The wine can easily go ten years, but you might find that best for you is in 1-2 years.

        1. This is a good producer, a good vineyard and a good vintage. It will easily go a decade. The sensation will usually be that it gets drier as it ages.
          One thing to watch for is the wine going to sleep. It will taste one way in its baby fat stage, then lose much of its flavor and basically go into a dumb phase like it's in a cocoon and emerge tasting completely different.

          1. Erica,

            Looks like you have some good replies, and have probably found the answers to both questions.

            As Rieslings can be very age-worthy, the one question that I usually ask is, "do you like an older Riesling?" Some do, but some do not. Same with other aged wines, and especially whites.

            Enjoy, and I also think that the 2009's should be good from now, until about 5 more years down the line.


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            1. re: Bill Hunt

              "Enjoy, and I also think that the 2009's should be good from now, until about 5 more years down the line.


              Are you offering advice on the wine erica is talking about or making a broad claim about 2009 Rieslings across the board or Rieslings from a certain region or Rieslings from a particular producer?

              1. re: Fowler

                Broad claim, as I have not had that particular producer's wine.


                1. re: Bill Hunt

                  Thanks. So broad as in some regions or producers or...?