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Nov 14, 2011 10:58 PM

In-wall oven V free standing oven ?

This is a question I have asked myself if I ever have the chance to design my own kitchen.

If you have design your own kitchen what did you choose (not brand)?

And if you have not design your own kitchen (this a question which, lets just say you have the space to do what ever to it) what would you choose?

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  1. I did both.

    My range has a 36" gas oven which can take a full size commercial baking sheet. For large jobs,roasting meats,or when I want the high humidity heat of gas.

    And I have a 24" electric wall oven for smaller jobs or when I want the more precise low humidity heat of electric.

    I suppose if I had unlimited budget and unlimited space I would get a gas rangetop, a 36" gas wall oven and a 24" electric wall oven so both ovens would be installed at an ideal height without bending down to place and retrieve food.

    But the full range creates a nice visual focal point plus puts the gas oven under the range hood.
    I guess I would go for this option now but when I am older maybe the no bend over wall ovens would be a better match.

    1. Wall ovens are really about convenience
      --can be eye level so they don't require stooping
      --can be situated remotely from the cooktop because they're used far less frequently and free up storage beneath the cooktop.
      --let you do 2 full-size ovens over/under

      So it really depends on how you cook.

      1. wall oven, definitely...if there's room enough, or cab space can be much nicer to use like ferret said. When cooking a roast, large bird, or using the ubiquitous enameled cast iron, I find pulling heavy weight (hot, sometimes sloppy heavy weight) out of a wall oven safer and better for my back

        1. Wish I had room for a wall oven. Love the idea of eye level, not having it so hot if you're at the stove while the oven is on, room for all your pans right under the stove top....can't think of one bad thing about it.

          1. Hi Jason,

            Good question. We've been mulling over ideas now for a few months as we are currently planning a full from scratch kitchen build. We're moving our kitchen up from our -1 sub floor to our main street level floor, which is really where it belongs in terms of entertainment and flow for that area.

            Space is somewhat limited so we'll be going with a standard "parallel" configuration. One wall is cabinets, cooktop, cabinets, fridge. And the large island parallel to it will have stove, dishwasher, sink, garbage - and some storage probably too.

            I knew that I "wanted" a separate cooktop and oven, early in the process. But when we first were looking that meant double the money. Wall ovens are a rip-off :-) Then, I found a super deal on craigslist for a 30" single GE wall oven. For $75 I couldn't pass it up and this allowed the whole design to come together. We'll put the oven under the island, out of the way but readily accessible for when we need it.

            While I do like the idea of having an oven at a more convenient height, we just don't use one enough and I'd rather have the look of the kitchen defined by the countertops, cabinets, cooktop, rangehood and tile backspash.

            I suppose if space and money were not limited I'd get a double wall oven. :-)