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Nov 14, 2011 10:08 PM

Vegan Mexican restaurant in Chinatown???

A friend mentioned that there was a place in Chinatown that serves Mexican food that is vegan and tastes like it has meat in there. When I asked further, he couldn't recall any other details.

The chef mentioned that his grandmother started making dishes without meat and started mimicing the meat in vegetarian dishes.

Anyone have any clue what the name of this restaurant/cafe is? Also, my friend mentioned that it may have been inside a club or lounge or something like that, and that the vegan/vegatarian is only open in the daytime when the club is closed.

I realize this is really vague, but any help would be great.

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  1. From the description of the place, I think you're thinking of Doomie's home cooking, but they're not in that location anymore. Most of the food is vegan rendtions of trashy classics (mac and "cheese", "fried chicken", "shrimp cocktail", etc.), or, as they put it, "Americana Diner Food". I think their current location is in Hollywood.

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      I can understand being a vegan, but I can't understand eating fake chicken or fake shrimp.

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        Yeah, the closest place that it could be is Dommie's. But it still might not be it.

      2. This is not in Chinatown, but directly north of it.. in Highland Park. Cinnamon is vegan, Mexican, and delicious.

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            I'm pretty sure it's not Homegirl Cafe.