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Nov 14, 2011 09:22 PM

Dinner with friend in downtown Greenwich

Often go to Tengda or Terra and looking for something new. Went to Elm St. Oyster Bar and was disappointed. Any nice new spots or good standbys you'd recommend for a weeknight dinner? Like all kinds of food as long as it's good and a nice atmosphere.

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  1. I had a good dinner recently at Douro. It's a Portuguese place on Rte 1, about 1 block West of Greenwich Ave (near Barcelona). The food was well prepared, the prices reasonable (at least by Greenwich standards), and it was a comfortable place to have a quiet conversation.

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      Thanks, Steve. That looks great and I hadn't heard of it before. Great recommendation!

      1. re: niia

        I second the Douro recommendation. I think they are moving soon, to Greenwich Ave.

    2. Have you tried Toscania yet? I heard it is really good on Lewis Street. Also, Morello Bistro as well as Polpo are always good standbys

      554 Old Post Rd, Greenwich, CT 06830

      Morello Bistro
      253 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830

      1. I always enjoy my dinners at Barcelona, nice variety of tapas to share, great wine list and really friendly bartenders.