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May 10, 2006 03:58 AM

Grandma's Chicken House Cypress

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Trying to find more broasted chicken places, I found out about Grandma's Chicken House on Lincoln and Valley View in Cypress.

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  1. Not many choices in OC.

    Zubie's Chicken Coop in Newport Beach, excellent here
    Pittsburgh Broasted Chicken & Taters in Cypress, haven't been yet
    Chicken Box in La Habra & West Covina, haven't been yet
    Chicken Factory & More in Torrance, haven't been yet
    Amber's Chicken & Donut in Encino, really good
    Lulu's in Van Nuys, haven't been yet
    My Brothers BBQ in Woodland Hills, only tried ribs here but will try broasted chicken in next visit

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    1. re: Wonginator

      I know that the Anaheim Chris & Pitts now has Broasted Chicken as well.

      Dunno if the rest of the chain has it or not, tho....


    2. Grandma's Chicken House in Cypress is a great place to get that "fried" chicken fix for a low cost. Just call it in ahead and pick up and enjoy.