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Nov 14, 2011 08:16 PM

A lovely solo wine/dinner experience

Zambrano Wine Cellar, Fort Worth.
stumbled on this place while attending a conference a couple blocks away at the convention center.
What a great selection of wine! I sat at the bar and enjoyed the friendly ambiance over a few glasses of wine and a pizza. The wine was fantastic. The pizza was good but not spectacular (nothing like the fabulous TX pizza I had recently at Dough in San Antonio). I you like good wine and a nice small restaurant atmosphere it's a good alternative to the places a few blocks up at sundance square.

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  1. Thank you for recounting your experience. Dining solo can be a daunting experience. Zambrano certainly shines as an established jewel in other site reviews.

    1. Thanks for the post. I've never heard of this place before but sounds like a great pre-dinner spot when I'm in FW this weekend.

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        I went again last night for after dinner drinks. Same friendly atmosphere. The person beside me at the bar had a salad and soup that looked very good. She was a regular customer who told me that she always loves the soups there.