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Nov 14, 2011 07:40 PM

Park Tavern, San Francisco

Surprised this place hasn't been mentioned... The Chicken here is pretty darn good.

Full post with pics:

Park Tavern is a new American Restaurant from the team at Marlowe. It replaced old school favorite Mooses, right on Washington Square in San Francisco's North Beach district.
The place was packed early on and is already a hot spot.

Park Tavern serves up excellent, classic American food in a beautiful location that will surely be a hit for years to come. Two page wine list with glasses from $7, bottles from $31.

Mojito ($12) - was strong and perfectly balanced, they know how to make drinks here.

Excellent, complimentary warm Acme epi bread.

Brussels Sprout Chips ($6) are a classic dish moved over from Marlowe, light, greasy, perfect.

Lemon & basil leaf, burrata ($12) featured homemade mozzerella cheese that was slightly runny along with deep fried lemon wheels that made an interesting but workable combination.

Manila clam chowder, shaved bottarga & chives ($12) was creamy and full of flavor, all in all very good.

Deviled Eggs, bacon, pickled jalepeƱo & chives ($1.50 ea) are a must order. We were not fans of deviled eggs, but with one bite we were believers.

Petit "Poulet Rouge" Bloomsdale spinach & Peewee potatoes ($24) was a cornish game hen presented at the table facing upright with a tableside sauce pour. This chicken was very tender and juicy and a must order. The bloomsdale spinach and kiwi potatos were also excellent. This dish gives Zuni Cafe a run for their money.

Grilled pork chop, Italian butter bean piston, dinosaur kale, toasted garlic & chili flakes ($24) was cut in two and perfectly cooked to a juicy medium rare. A must get for pork fans like us.

Creekstone NY Steak, red wine jus, Mangalitsa butter & french fries ($29) featured two triangles of medium (slightly pink in the middle) tender meat with angular charcoal grilling embeded on the surface. Excellent french fries and a very robust sauce.

Special of the Day: Brussel Sprout Hearts ($7) were sauteed with lemon and cheese, a very nice side dish.

Fig & apple crisp ($7) Whole lemon gelato took about 15 minutes to arrive, hot out of the oven, but worth the wait due to the very fresh fruit and tasty crumble. The gelato was first class.

Birthday Cake - November ($7) Casey's carrot cake was the cake of the month and a great version of the classic. Better than most people expect.

Mendocino uni, butter lettuce, chili & avocado oil ($11) - Simply did not work. They need to perform some surgery on this dish.

Zuni Cafe
1658 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

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  1. Actually Park Tavern replaced Joey & Eddie's.

    1652 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94133

    Joey & Eddie's
    1652 Stockton, San Francisco, CA 94133

    Park Tavern
    1652 Stockton St, SF, CA 94133

    1. I tried it opening week and thought it was very good as well.

      We started with the deviled eggs, steak crudo, pork belly bites, and uni.
      The only miss was the uni, which we all agreed could do without the butter lettuce.

      The fried oysters were okay, not my favorite prep.

      For our mains we tried the NY steak, poulet rouge, and the burger. The chicken was fantastic, served whole, upright on a stand. It was moist and perfectly seasoned. Burger was just as good as Marlowe's, and the steak was cooked fine but nothing special.

      Cocktails were nicely balanced.

      1. Really good place.

        Deviled eggs (now $2 each) and brussels sprout chips ($7) are easy enough and cheap enough to make at home, but I'd highly recommend theirs. The brussels chips are nicely browned and tossed in olive oil and lemon zest.

        Probably my favorite dish was an umami rich salad of warm chicories, poached egg, bagna cauda, grilled country bread & shaved truffled parmesan. The Hawaiian tombo tuna, crispy sunchokes, white anchovies, baby artichokes & salsa rustica was great too, my favorite element of which was the crispy sunchokes.

        The desserts were mixed. The TCHO chocolate creme brulee tasted like a good quality chocolate pudding, but the brulee'd top served no purpose other than to make the dish sound fancier. On the other hand, the lemon cheesecake parfait with huckleberries and smoked salt was a success. It had more of a mouselike texture than I was expecting, and was pleasantly light for something described as a cheesecake.

        The "Poulet Rouge" looked too intimidating to split across a group, but we saw lots of them whizzing by. Compared to Foodnut8's picture, it looked like they've gotten better at seasoning the entire chicken and making the skin less greasy.

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          Thanks for the update. This has been really high on my to-try list next time in SF.