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What to do with caramelized marshmallows?

jmcarthur8 Nov 14, 2011 05:23 PM

I had a children's program today that included making popcorn balls with a mixture of butter and marshmallows. I kept the marshmallow mixture warm in a crockpot while the kids were doing crafts, and during the 2 hour program, it caramelized very nicely.
Now I have about 2 cups leftover of taffy-like gooey caramel. What can I do with it? Cook it further and make nut brittle? It's very sticky at this point, tastes wonderful, and can pull your fillings out if you take too big a bite. Would it get hard if I cook it more? Or would whipping it make some other kind of dessert?

  1. todao Nov 14, 2011 09:27 PM

    Depending on what stage it has reached (it needs to be soft ball) you might whip it with your favorite nuts and cool it on a parchment covered baking sheet to make nougat bars. Otherwise, looks like you've got nougat brittle.

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    1. re: todao
      jmcarthur8 Nov 15, 2011 08:32 AM

      I think it is pretty much at soft ball stage. I like the idea of nougat bars - I will look up some nougat recipes for guidelines on procedure.

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