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Nov 14, 2011 01:20 PM

Springfield, MO - single person

I'll be in Springfield later this week for a conference. Lunch is included so I'm only looking for dinner ideas. Pretty much open to anything in the $15 and under range. I get in later Thursday so that night I'd probably be more interested in something for take out for that evening.



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  1. Hey kroppinkris, sorry you've had no replies...I'll put in my two cents worth, although I am not a Springfield resident, just a frequent visitor. I really like Springfield...the people are friendly, the streets are safe...but I've had an awful lot of really mediocre food there. There are an awful lot of the Applebee's/Chili's/Olive Garden type places, and most of the time when I ask for a recommendation from an acquaintance or a hotel clerk, they tell me about the place that offers 'all the fries you can eat' when you order chicken fingers. No, thank you...that being said. I really like a sort of burger/pizza place called The Grotto. They are in an entirely unremarkable little strip mall, but they make good burgers and sandwiches. Their offerings are a little more interesting than most, and the quality of the food is very good. I also really like the Pizza House on Commercial. They offer pretty standard toppings, but their ingredients are high-quality and their crust is reallyreallyreally thin and very that thin crust. They don't take credit cards, so be prepared. The building is a cool old rehab and the decor is fun. Also, as I recall, their prices are very reasonable. You might want to at least try the Cashew Chicken if you're in Springfield, since it IS what the city is known for. It isn't to everyone's taste...basically southern-fried hunks of white meat chicken in an egg foo yung-type gravy with cashews served over white rice. I like it, although I'm sure it qualifies as one of the least-healthy foods on planet earth...( has nuts in it! Nuts are good for you, right?) I'm sure that any chinese restaurant in Springfield is going to have it...

    1. Buckingham's has good take-out bbq and there is a Steak n' Shake in Springfield that has never remodeled and still does curb service. Get your kicks on Route 66.

      Route 66 Cafe
      2204 W College St, Springfield, MO 65806

      1. Thanks for the ideas. Googling addresses linked me to some other reviews and they sound promising.

        Hoping to get out of STL early this afternoon so I'm not eating on the road and get a chance to try something tonight!