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Nov 14, 2011 12:46 PM

Rolls/Bread for Thanksgiving?

DH has very specific requirements for Thanksgiving rolls...crusty on the outside, soft on the inside, no sourdough taste.

Any suggestions? We live in Reading, happy to drive to Waltham or Arlington or in between. Bonus points if they are actually open on Thanksgiving.

TIA, Sara

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  1. I love to cook and not bake. Wholefoods (Andover) has great frozen organic (?) french rolls that I bake when needed. Everyone loves them! Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside...served with home-made compound butter. YUM!!! You are most likely looking for fresh...but, just giving you an alternative.

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      yes, those frozen rolls are an excellent product. they come in a bag.

    2. Whole Foods in Andover also has a nice bakery and they sell fresh rolls that are crusty on the outside, soft on the inside. I am not sure if they are open on Thanksgiving.

      1. due to the archaic Mass. blue laws, retail establishments are not allowed to be open on Thanksgiving. Maybe some convenience stores and drugstores, but not bakeries or supermarkets. Even the black Friday sales have to open later in the AM than they'd originally planned.

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            Archaic blue laws, or laws that allow workers to spend Thanksgiving with their families? And to OP, check out Hi-Rise bakery in Cambridge. They may not suit your Thanksgiving Roll logistics, but a must if you love baked goods.

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              I don't understand all the hand wringing about what's open or not open on Thanksgiving. I would buy the rolls ahead of time and put the in the freezer. There's nothing I can think of that freezes better than bread and rolls. Take the frozen items out on Thanksgiving, pop them in the oven frozen to reheat if you want and enjoy. Besides, who has time on Thanksgiving morning to go to the store? My vote goes to Iggy's.

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                  No hand wringing here though I do still offer bonus points if they are's the perfect errand for my lovely husband and daughter to do together on Thanksgiving gets them out of the kitchen and it means that dh can pick out what he likes. They can stop by the local HS football game on the way home.

                  Thanks, again, for all the suggestions everyone!

              1. Thanks for the suggestions, folks. Sounds like a trip to WF is in order.

                As for being open on T-day I think I remember WF having just this issue (wanting to open but not being able to) a few years back.

                That said, I note that Wilson Farm does appear to be open on turkey day! Good to know.

                Wilson Farm
                10 Pleasant St, Lexington, MA 02421

                1. In the past i've gone to Iggy's in Cambridge on Thanksgiving. They have great bread and are open (at least the last time I went several weeks ago).