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Nov 14, 2011 12:14 PM

Is there anything decent to eat for lunch in Salisbury?

I'm in Salisbury with a friend on Wednesday and I'm having problems researching possible lunch venues.

We'd like either a non-chain pub or a casual bistro-type place - but the only places that sound good are curry houses. I've eaten at the Haunch of Venison and although the building is lovely I found the food very dull.

We're arriving by train so need somewhere central.


Not that I'm panicking or anything, but this is lunch I'm talking about....

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  1. We recently had a decent dinner at The Pheasant Inn, 19 Salt Lane. Lovely old building, nice atmosphere with well-priced food and good beer.

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      Thanks MC.
      We ended up at a tapas place called Mollina on a shopping street - very friendly staff and good food (if a bit light on the garlic for my tastes).