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Nov 14, 2011 12:02 PM

Cedars in Somerville is now The Smokehouse Barbecue

Cedars, a Lebanese restaurant that I always enjoyed, has closed and been replaced by The Smokehouse Barbecue. I have not been and would welcome any first hand information about this new restaurant.

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  1. We went 3 weeks ago on a Fri night. It was so-so. They still had some opening goofs such as the soda machine was not working. Service was fair though the waiter did disappear when we wanted the check. Food was OK but I think Grub Hut is much better. I had the brisket, again it was just OK. I don't remember what the husband had, probabably pulled pork. Sauces were a little sweet for my taste. Same for their own bottled soda,; a nice selection of flavors but a little on the sweet side.

    They have other cuisine besides BBQ (steak, italian) and I think they are spread too thin. Focus on one and do it well then do many and only do those OK

    Grub Hut
    307 N Main St, Manville, NJ 08835

    1. I dont know what annl is talking about but the food here is amazing. I've eaten here numerous times since their opening. I've also eaten at the grub hut and I think the BBQ at the Smokehouse is far superior. There Italian food is amazing. I had the eggplant parm over pasta and it was delicious. My husband had the sampler with three ribs, brisket, and pulled pork which was a mighty portion and very tasty and juicy. The bbq sauce is on of the best I've had in a long time and I used to live in Texas so that is saying something. I tried their bottled root beer which is delicious and I even got a bottle to take home with me. I love this place and it has become a regular spot for me and my family :)

      1. my family and i went to the smokehouse the day they opened. we were looking for a change and boy did we find one!! i have to say that the food is delicious!!! i think it is great that they offer so many different things on their menu. their is something for everyone which is wonderful! i myself don't eat pork so i had the seafood the angry clams are the best ever! i also tried the Louisiana steampot which was to die for. my husband of course had the full rack of ribs which he loved. the kids had to try the fried pickles and absolutely loved them they also had the sampler which is a little of everything well actually a lot of was great they have been opened for a month now maybe a little more and we've been there 4 times already we have recommended a lot of friends there and they are now regulars as well. the bbq sauce is very tasty not too hot and not to sweet we had to buy some bottles for our own home. bottom line if u haven't tried it you definitely need too get there you will not be disappointed!!

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          2. I came across this restaurant after I received a menu from one of the servers at the lighting of the Somerville Christmas tree. I came into the Smokehouse not knowing what to expect, the barbecue I'm used to is more of the Portuguese kind. And I'm being completely honest when I say that this place blew me away. Let me begin with their barbecue sauce, which does go onto most of their meats, but you can order it dry, it is amazing, I've always been a fan of A1, but have replaced it with the Smokehouse's own, there's something about it, its definitely got a kick and a unique taste. I was seated by a hostess, and the place looks very nice compared to the previous Cedars. My server was very attentive and very familiarized with the menu, any question I asked, she knew. When it came to the food, I had so many options, from their appetizers, to the seafood, burgers, entrees, pasta, and so much more. I asked for her opinion, and she suggested the Skippers, potato skins with the normal cheese, bacon, but also had pulled pork, and that was one of my favorites. Overall my family ordered a little bit of everything off the menu. A sampler (ribs were amazing, mouthwatering), a couple different soups, and a Shrimp Scampi and my son had a hot dog. I think the young lady said that their hot dogs were Thumans, but don't hold me to that. The kids menu includes a drink and some ice cream. My husband and I got dessert and I got an amazing chocolate cake. This is a place I'd bring my family to for a big dinner, but also a place I can see myself coming to to get away from the kids, they are BYOB which is an added plus.

            1. Somerville's Smokehouse BBQ is a mighty convenient new Main St presence in this great destination dining community. Set among such notable resaurants as Origin's, Cafe Picasso, Shumi, Valdebenito's This BBQ place has some lofty competition.....something that the BBQ genre can really only meet head on by being an authentic smokehouse cooking over hardwood likeareal pit joint or even hardwood charcoal like 28BBQ in nearby Bound Brook. Unfortunately the goods just ain't here!

              None of the meats have true wood smoke flavors. None have caramelized crusts. The brisket was served sliced like a loaf with loads of connective fat linking the muscles together....yes soft and tender and very wet but not BBQ'd. To their credit they didn't smother it in their way too sweet but nicely seasoned sauce but a good brisket is cooked long enough to break down the pockets of fat and this one wasn' fact the mass of fat suggests this was not a well marbled prime, or select or choice grade brisket,

              The pulled pork suffered from a lack of crust and was missing a sense of smokey flavor. With the sauce mixed in, the flavor of the pork was overwhelmed so for all things considered, it could have been some other white meat.

              The smoked ribeye sandwich contrasted. Everything else with an intense smoke flavor that was too intense to be acquired over a smokey fire so while I'm not very experienced with bottles of liquid smoke let's just say i am suspect on this one.

              I can only hope these were all unfortunate aberrations because central jersey really does need an honest hardwood pit BBQ to compete with Manville's Grub Hut. Just don't sense Smokehouse in Somerville is authentic enough to compete with what you can do on your own BGE and a cheap pork shoulder from TwinCity Grocery