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Nov 14, 2011 10:55 AM

Goods and Provisions Welcome to the Hood!

The bf and I had the chance to check out the new Goods and Provisions on Thursday night and it was a great treat. Between the two of us we had two dark and stormy cocktails – delish. I had a four roses on the rocks and he had one of their beers on tap. For food we shared the bone marrow and parsley salad – the highlight of the night for both of us. The marrow was perfectly cooked with nice caramelization. The parsley salad cut the fat prefect and while the marrow was actually seasoned rather well I loved that they served with a tiny pile of maldon to dust on the top yourself. I tend to like my fat a bit salty so this was a lovely touch.

We also had the Caesar salad with pork belly. I’m a big fan of the Caesar salad but rarely order it when out as I find I prefer the one I make at home better but this is a good rendition. The dressing was creamy and the garlic note was strong the way I like it. I would have like the anchovy and lemon to come thru a bit more but I think this is a personal preference. The pork belly was delish but I would have preferred it slightly more rendered and crispy but it was extremely tasty and generous in portion. The croutons where just the way I like them, well season, large and very crunchy.

We also had the terrine plate. It was a pork terrine (jowl, belly, and something I can’t remember) grain mustard, cornichon, olives, chevre noir, mini “baguette”. I really enjoyed everything on the plate and the fresh warm, what I would call a roll not a baguette, was lovely. My bf found the terrine a little wet for his liking and while I agree it was on the wet side, for me it didn’t take away from the overall enjoyment of the item.

Finally we had the chop of the day which was half a rack of lamb ribs on an eggplant puree. The rack was seasoned well and cooked perfectly and had some nice fatty crispy bits to enjoy. The only down side to this plate was the eggplant puree. There was maybe a total of two tablespoons of it. So instead of it being a side, which was how it was explained, it was really just a garnish. For something as inexpensive as eggplant I would have expected at least a side serving instead of garnish.

For all of this our bill was $100 with tax but before tip.

We really enjoyed the food, the room and the service so I know this will become one of our regular spots.

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  1. Your experience sounds very similar to ours - Dark and Stormy cocktails, beer, and terrine plate. There was also a deviled egg on my terrine plate, which was actually a little bit disappointing. It was cold and I like 'em warm! I'll live though because the egg yolk part of the egg was so tasty. The bf had the steak with duck fat frites. The steak was perfectly cooked and the frites were crispy and well seasoned. The service personable and attentive. We'll definitely be back to try the bone marrow!

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    1. re: maritimah

      I forgot the egg! I totally enjoyed that as well, and I don't mind mine cold at all. In fact, I think the deviled egg here was better than the one I had at the County General a few weeks ago.

      1. re: JennaBean

        Haven't tried the County General yet so I can't comment on theirs but my favourite in the city are the ones at Origin. It doesn't get any better for me than a warm deviled egg with a hunk of crispy pancetta stuck in it!

    2. For those that don't know where JennaBean lives, I just looked up this spot and it is around Queen/Jones in Leslieville. Address : 1124 Queen St E

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        I don't actually live in Leslieville, I'm in Riverside! ;-)

      2. I was very impressed by my evening at Goods and Provisions. Incredibly friendly staff who were attentive without being overly so and checked in at suitable intervals. The room seats maybe about 25 people plus a few stools at the bar so while it's not the place to bring a crowd, you are definitely part of one as the place fills fast. By 7:15 on a Saturday the place was full. They do not take reservations and its meant to be a neighbourhood, stop-in-after-work place according to our server. That explains why it was so difficult to find a phone number...
        As to the food, everything was delicious - rillette, salad, veal chop (chop of the day) and smoked bison short ribs (special of the day). The short ribs were velvety and perfectly smoked. Served with boiled new potatoes though I would have loved mash of some kind to soak up the jus. The hollandaise with the veal chop was a perfect companion to the buttery meat though the salsa verde was highly, highly garlicy (a still-tasting-it-the-next-morning kind of level). A chocolate terrine was perfectly sized after two courses. Total bill was $140 with one bottle of wine and a brandy.
        For a place that's been open for such a short time, they seem to have their act together. Very impressed and will definitely return.

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        1. re: Julie McCoy

          Indeed, Goods and Provisions is a great addition to the ever refreshed Leslieville strip. It brings a warmth with it's casually eclectic furnishings that seems to reflect the area. Like other comments already noted, the staff were terrific, knowledgable and friendly. No attitude, like some popular west end restaurants.

          I was surprised to find the cozy room mostly empty at 6:30 on a Friday but it was completely fiull by 7:15. The set up is best for small groups of 4 or less.

          Started with the cocktail special of cava, homemade peach syrup, bitters and cognac; Yum! We went on have the marrow and Korean tacos for starters. The marrow was delicious in its simplicity and was in contrast to the messy combo of pork belly, kimchee and secret sauce stuffed into the corn tortillas. For mains, we went with the chop of the day, which was a lamb chop served with a tomato chutney / jam and the deep fried sardines, accompanied with 2 sauces, one tartar like, the other a spicy Romesco. Both dishes had simple and small salad like sides.

          Everything was well executed and displayed a certain confidence. I should mention the menu is very small , with the only other main being a steak. Also, vegetarians would be wise to go elsewhere.

          A very pleasant meal.

        2. my wife and I went there tonight for a birthday dinner for her.

          The room: very cute and comfortable, great attention to detail. Eclectic in all the right ways. lots of small tables, really nice looking bar for bar seatings. not a place to take a large group.

          The menu: a new winter menu was (apparently) launched this week. as said above, there aren't a million choices for mains. in fact, there were only 4, with one (the meat pie) not available. Didn't matter, since I chose the steak of the night (a shoulder cut) and my wife chose the fish dish.

          For apps, we shared a 1/2 dozen oysters. they were delicious. I think it was incredibly awesome that their oysters are on display in the dining room in a giant metal soft drink cooler, on ice. the oysters were delicious. my only complaint is that the horseradish wasn't hot enough nor abundant enough. they brought tobasco to our table with the order and that did the trick.

          We then ordered the terrine board. tonight, it was a fois gras terrine, accompanied by a nice goat thome, cornichons, deviled eggs with sriracha and roe, and freshly baked bread. the terrine was very nice and buttery. wife loved the eggs.

          Mains: my steak was great. perfectly seasoned crust on it. it was a lean cut, but cooked very tenderly. it had a hearty portion of frites cooked in duck fat. only complaint: an accompanying starch to cut the salt from the steak and frites would have been nice (something sweeter, like squash). my wife's fish plate was great as well. Mussels, fish, manila clams in a cream sauce. She loved it.

          we shared a chocolate terrine with cream and sea salt. very nice, perfect balance of flavours.

          Wine ranges from $35-60.

          staff was great.

          its a perfect restaurant if you want comfort food executed at a higher level. nothing on the menu will shock you or blow your mind but, frankly, that's sometimes a nice change of pace.

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          1. re: atomeyes

            I know what you mean about a nice change of pace - they seem to just be aiming to be a rock-solid local spot. And given that they are literally at the end of my street, I've eaten there a half-dozen times, and every time it's been just that, rock-solid.

            1. re: atomeyes

              @ atomeyes: How much did your dinner cost?

              1. re: iMarilyn

                1/2 dozen oysters - $13 (I think)
                bottle of red (Lailey, since we wanted an ON wine): $35
                terrine platter: $17
                steak -$25 (?)
                fish - $25 (?)

                total was $152, including a 15% tip (on food and liquor).

                not cheap. we've eaten at the Hoof, typically, for around $100/couple. but it was a nice, sit-down, 4 course meal in a nice, cute, non-pretensious-yet-still-cool room.

            2. Hit this spot again on Sat night around 730. Got the last two top in the place at the time. There were still two seats left at the bar but it was pretty packed.

              We had the following:

              boudin noir

              rabbit rillette

              Fish au Fer

              Steak frites

              The good - The skirt steak had lovely flavour and was cooked a prefect medium rare as described by the server.

              The meh - the rillettes was served ice cold. I almost sent the small glass jar flying across the room in an attempt to penetrate the fat layer on top. As a result it seems under seasoned and while there was the slightest hint of orange, it wasn't really flavourful. I mentioned it to the server but he said that they don’t pull them from the fridge for fear of them turning. I’m not talking about the need for an hour but 15 mins would have made a world of difference.

              The bad – the boudin noir was lovely at one time. The flavourful seasoning was apparent. What wasn’t lovely it is that it was dry beyond reason. My bf used the ample fat on top of my rillette under the boudin to try to give it some moisture. Our best guess is that it has been sliced and sitting on a warming rack or oven waiting to be served for far too long. Like an hour too long.

              The ugly – The BC salmon which I was most looking forward to in the dish was cooked to sh*t. I’m sorry there isn’t a better way of saying it but it was so dry and difficult to swallow I left half of it behind. The mussels shells where properly cleans and the clams were sandy. Well the broth was a good try it was far too sour and acidic and lacked any kind of balance.

              I’m so sad. After our first great meal there we were hoping for the best but instead one of the four items lived up to our memory of the first visit.

              As well, we noted that for a resto that didn’t have any chicken on the menu before (we thought it was rather brave and liked that a lot) the “game bird” that night was half a roast chicken and a chicken pot pie.

              I’m still sad as I type.

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              1. re: JennaBean

                JennaBean, I've heard that the original chef is no longer there. I think this might explain your disappointment. Others have told me that it's not as good as when it first opened which is pretty sad considering it only opened late 2011.

                Anyone else been lately??

                1. re: millygirl

                  Any more news? I'd like to try this place, but not to have JennaBean's experience.

                  1. re: KitchenVoodoo

                    I have been twice this year and still have glowing things to say.....Cornish hen in maple bourbon jus on garlic mash.....Delicious.....

                  2. re: millygirl

                    Has anyone been recently? I haven't been in about a year and am wondering how things are tasting.