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Nov 14, 2011 10:13 AM

Inexpensive dining "experiences" near Marriott Marquis?

A group is traveling to Atlanta this weekend, and we'd like to eat somewhere "interesting" - not a high foodie cuisine (as we're on a budget), but an "experience". We're familiar with The Varsity, but is there anywhere else we need to check out near our base of operations, the Marriott Marquis?

Any thoughts would be most welcome

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  1. Lunacy Black Market is probably getting the most buzz in the downtown area right now that would fit your inexpensive experience criteria. It's about a 15 block walk from your hotel, but you might convince the hotel shuttle to take you there. There are some interesting options down Broad St., but most are only option for lunch. If you need lunch, I suggest Dua for pho, Blossom Tree (new Korean place on Peachtree), or Rosa's for NY style pizza. Dinner can be challenging downtown - there are a couple threads on this board about Downtown dining options that might help if you search "downtown".

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      sweet auburn curb market - grindhouse burgers.

      Nikolai's roof for a drink (top floor Hilton). Drinks at trader vic's (bottom floor hilton).

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        Just a note that Grindhouse is also only open for lunch.

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          i just ate at Nikolais and they now share the top floor with Trader Vics--Vics faces West--threr is a Mai Tai lounge in the basement
          hers a link to Truva--its a decent spot and near the hotel--Lunacy im sure is better,but its a bit of a walk