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Nov 14, 2011 09:41 AM

Harrod's Tea

I picked up a tin of Harrod's Tea at LHR which my dearly beloved confiscated for a gift. I have searched the www looking for a US source without success. Harrods will do mail order but the cost is prohibitive for me. I can't believe that Harrod's Tea (any variety) is not available in the US. Does anyone know of of US vendor. Thanks.

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  1. For lack of a better analogy, this is like trying to buy Frango Mints in the UK. Harrod's only sells its wares in their own stores, so unless some enterprising person buys up a bunch and resells them here your only shot is direct order from Harrod's.

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      I would have thought it analogous to buying tea from Fortnum and Mason or preserves from Fauchon's in the US. Maybe its just easiest to have someone passing thru LHR pick some up. Thanks.

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        Fortnum and Fauchon are food purveyors, Harrod's is a department store that also sells certain foods, so the Frango analogy is more appropriate. They are not in the tea business to the point of wholesaling to others, it's merely an accommodation for their customers (to squeeze another pound or two out before they leave).