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Nov 14, 2011 09:25 AM

Recipe for Moose Milk?

Moose milk from what I've read is a drink that originated with the Canadian military. It seems to be an eggnog type of winter holiday drink popular in Canada.

It usuualy involves rum, Kaluha, vodka, ice cream. There are lots of variations

This link has the best article I found about the drink's history.

It is part of the annual New Year’s Day Levée, an event attended by the Governor General, the Lieutenant-Governors of the Provinces, the Military marking the new year.

The beverage served has evolved over the years.

In colonial times it was “Le Sang du Caribou”, or Moose Blood, heated wine with added spices and alcohol to make it palatable. Wine often soured during the long ocean voyage from Europe. The article states

"Under British Colonial rule, many of the customs of French Canada were retained but, in the case of “Le Sang du Caribou”, whisky, which traveled better, was substituted as the basic ingredient. This was then mixed with goat’s milk, and flavoured with nutmeg and cinnamon to produce an Anglicized version called “Moose Milk”. Today’s version of Moose Milk, in addition to whisky (or rum) and spices, uses a combination of egg-nog and ice-cream and sometimes an additional alcoholic refinement or two."

It is a terrific article with so much more about food and beverages and history. There are a few variations of the recipe as well, Navy, Army, Canadian Air Force.

There's a very funny warning about the effects of moose milk (When it kicks in, among other things, don't try to actually milk a real moose).

What is your recipe for moose milk and let me know a bit more about when you drink it and any history you might know. Thanks.

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  1. OK WORD OF WARNING -- this makes a TON of Moose Milk, so scale down as required. Please don't post that this is a massive amount. Please don't post that there are a gazillion calories in it. Just scale back and enjoy..And please feel free to post your own recipes.
    This is the recipe given to me in 1994 by the Moose Milk Meister himself. I'm sure this is only one recipe in a multitude of recipes. This was the version served between 1993-1996 when I was posted there. I'm sure the Moose Milk Meister has changed, as it isn't really a "permanent" job. I make this recipe almost every year when we have a crowd.


    11 litres vanilla ice cream
    2 litres whole milk
    2 litres egg nog
    1 bottle Spiced Rum (smaller bottle)
    1 bottle Baileys Irish Cream (smaller bottle)

    Let ice cream soften well. Mix in the milk, egg nog, Spiced rum, Baileys. This is not a milkshake consistency, but is thinner.
    Hand over your keys to the Mess Manager.
    Serve over ice. Grate fresh nutmeg on the top if desired.
    Call a taxi to take you home.


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      Thanks. That sounds great and like something I could do ...only scaled down. The history link did say it usually is enough for a crowd or platoon.