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Nov 14, 2011 09:18 AM

iSi Mini Easy Whip question

Spent some time in William-Sonoma yesterday (always VERY dangerous) among our purchases, I convinced my home bartender hubby that we need one of these for fresh whip on our hot toddies. I used it last night, per the enclosed instructions and it works fabulous. Question is, can you add flavoring (like vanilla) and/or sweetener to the cream in the can? Would this affect the quality of the whip foam? What is your experience?

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  1. This model looks like what we use in the restaurant, perhaps a little smaller; feel free to add both sweeteners and flavorings...just make sure its well strained. Those aerators are used for anything from cream, to complex foams for garnish, even some souffle mixes. If there is protein in a liquid, you can probably foam it through the gun.

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      Thanks! After poking around a bit, I think I might pick up some organic vanilla syrup, and add that to the cream next round. This model is specifically labeled for "whipped cream". The more versatile model, that I think you probably have, that you can do hot too, is triple the $55 price tag, so for now, I passed...

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        I have the mini whip that I purchased from the WS outlet for about $35 and the Gourmet whip on EBAY for $71 - just purchased both of them les than a month ago. Yes you can use vanilla syrup, confectioners sugars, honey, chocolate flavoring, etc in the whippers. They are awesome tools to have.