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Nov 14, 2011 09:14 AM

What to do with extra peppers?

My pepper plants have started wilting since the last frost, so I just went and picked what I expect to be the last of them for the year. They are rather mild peppers, and some are green with only a few mature red ones. I still have to get the last of the banana peppers and bell peppers.

I've got just around three pounds of them. Any ideas of things to make with them that wold have a long shelf life? I was thinking of some pepper sauces/pickles/pastes. I would love to find a good recipe for pepper based ketchup or dipping sauce.

I could dehydrate them, but I already have loads of dehydrated peppers of various types and heat levels.

Any suggestions?

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  1. The sauce I thought of is harissa, but that doesn't solve the problem since you said they are mild. You can always roast the red peppers and either freeze or store covered in olive oil. For the mild ones, I'd saute with onions and then freeze them in small portions.

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      Thanks. Covering them in oil sounds interesting. i may try that. Any special recipe?

      Oh, I can add heat. I've got 1/4 lb of dehydrated habaneros, about a half pound of dehydrated jalapenos, and a good double handful of dried thai chilis. What can I say? I love to have peppers on hand.

      I wouldn't want anything blazing hot, but anything on the level of Tabasco would be fine.

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        You may want to try something like this with some of those dried ones. Harissa is wonderful - more of a paste than a sauce, and very flexible. You can mix with some extra olive oil for an awesome marinade for meats (especially lamb) or mix with yogurt for a sauce after cooking, etc.

    2. I just pulled the last of my chiles yesterday. Mostly cayenne with some jalapeno and Thai.

      I'm going to cut the stems off, run them through the sausage grinder with some dried chipotles, then simmer in some salted water until soft. At that point, I blenderize them and add a little white vinegar. Strain through a fine mesh sieve and then pour into sanitized bottles. I let that sit for a week or so in the fridge and its a really good hot sauce.

      1. Just to update. i ended up throwing around a pound of them in the oven for a few minutes and put them in a plastic bag to loosen the skins.

        Then peeled them and threw them in the blender with some roasted garlic, salt, tomato paste, molasses, and just enough white vinegar to come almost to the top of the peppers. I blended that up along with a thai chili just to up the heat a little.

        It turned out pretty delicious. It's like a garlicky peppery ketchup.

        I think I may try chileheadmike's recipe for the rest, and kate's idea for some of the dried ones looks good too.

        Thanks guys!